Professional Business Portraits

We’ll Make It Easy; We’ll Make You Look Good, and You’ll look Ten Years Younger.
                         Of course, if you’re ten years old, that could be a problem….

A Professional Business Portrait Makes A great First Impression

Be it your business card, website or print add, a quality professional business portrait can tell a lot about you. It says you care about you and what you do. Make no mistake, people judge you by their first impression, and if that first impression is a snapshot you had your friend take in the backyard (we’ve all seen those), then you’re saying that you just don’t care.  The Process is Simple At Roy Dressel Photography we make the taking of a great portrait quick and painless. We will be set up and ready to go when you arrive. We take a few shots and then view them, comparing images to find the best look for you. If there’s one you like, were done. If not, we’ll go back and take some more until we have that just right image. Delivery is quick, your image, in the form of a digital file, is ready the same or next business day. We’ll even have your file backed up on our computers in case something happens and you can’t find it in the future. 

Check out a couple of our blog posts for some tips on taking a great business portrait

Guide to a great business portrait 

Getting over your photophobia Most of us don’t like taking these photos and we get it, but here are some ideas to make it a little easier.

Pricing and Details All Prices are plus tax and include retouching and the digital file e-mailed to you

Sitting In The Studio:

$35  Per Person One Pose Additional poses or backgrounds: Add $10 each Additional person in the photo: $10  each (if retouched)

Taking The Studio On Location

There is a minimum charge of  $85 for on location portraits. If your out of the Visalia area, or find it hard for people to come to the studio, we can come to you. We will set up the studio lights and background at you location and people can come in and get their photos taken with little interruption. We don’t need a lot of space, a good size board or education room will work.

Travel fee: $37.50 per hour for locations outside Fresno, Visalia or Tulare. We do not charge travel fees for most locations between Visalia and Fresno as long as times can be arranged to do the photography on Roy’s his way to or from work. (he lives in Fresno)

Environmental Business Portraits

Sometimes the formal studio background is not the look you are after. An outdoor location, with a background of your office, production facility or your field is what is needed to show your clients what you do in your environment. $55.00 for the first person, regular price of $35 apply for additional people Includes locations in the Visalia and Fresno area, a $37.50 per hour travel fee applies for out of the area locations.

Prints from you business portrait Once you have taken your business portrait, it’s time to get prints.  set of 4 wallets…$7.50    4x6 print….$5.00    5x7 enlargement…..$7.50    8x10 enlargement….$15.00 order them online, have them mailed to you 

Payment is due when we take the photo unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Companies who will be working with us on a regular basis can arrange for open accounts.

We accept all major credit cards

We accept all major credit cards

Plus, we even accept cash (that’s the green stuff that you sometimes see in your wallet) Plus checks and debit cards. 

Schedule your appointment right here online
(even that part is quick and easy) 

Our Most Popular Backgrounds

Just a note of what this is not: This is quick and simple. We do take the time to get just what you want, and we will work till we do, but this is not a full-blown portrait sitting with various backgrounds and props. We do not take a whole variety of poses with different outfits. If you want to bring several outfits, we can give you our opinion on what will look the best, but if you want to take photos with several outfits and decide what you like, then this would be charged at our regular portrait prices, $85 for the sitting and one digital file.

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