Business Portrait Backgrounds

You have your choice of any of the backgrounds on this page for your business portrait. 

When choosing a background, ask yourself how it will look on your business card, your website, or flyers?  Will the color of the background work with other colors like your logo or the overall color scheme of your site.

Also, think about your customers. Are they older, conservative and value tradition or are they young and trendy? Give us a call if you need some help making a selection.

Do you need to match a background that you already have?  If so, we can almost always find that background and match it. 

Business Portrait Page 
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Traditional Blue

Drapes and Glass 1

Solid Black

Solid White

Splattered B&W

New Age 3

Drapes and Glass 11

Grunge Vol-1 002

Drapes and Glass 8

Drapes and Glass 8

New Age Vol 1-14

Brick and Window

Grate and Brick

Drapes and Glass 4

Reflections V-4

 A quick note. All these backgrounds are what is know as digital backgrounds. We use a green screen when taking the photo and then add the background later in Photoshop. We keep the original green background so that we can change it later should you want more than one, or change your mind. There is a $5.00 for each additional background or to change it later.

Business Portrait Page 
(pricing and info)

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