Celebration of Life Videos and Slide Shows 

At the end of life, people don’t leave us, 
they live in our heart as memories.


Photos of your loved one can be put together to make a wonderful memory of a life well lived. Bring us up to 200 images in any format, prints, slides or digital images and we will make copies,  put them together into a wonderful show set to their favorite music. The show can be set to run from start to finish and then stop of run continuously. 

The show can be delivered for play on a DVD player, or to be run on a computer at the service

We can also post this on YouTube for easy streaming anywhere. 

Price is $225 plus tax to put the show together. Want us to come and set up and take down the show for you?  Add $100 (there is no charge for this if we are doing the videotaping also) 

Photo Download 

We offer the unique service of allowing people to download all the photos that are in the slideshow to their phones or computers, even while they are at the service. We provide a sign at the service letting people know how they can obtain the photos and even a business cards with a link and a QR code that will take them directly to the download link. You can add this to the slideshow for $50. There is no charge to the guests for this service. 

Cost for this service is $50 additional and photos will remain on our website for 60 days. 






A Celebration of Life is just that, it’s a time to celebrate their time on this earth. To remember all the good times of a life well lived. Videotaping the Celebration of Life Ceremony brings back all that emotion, all the stories, all the music that was the life of your loved one. For those who can not make it to the ceremony, the video will allow them to share in the events of that day. 



We offer DVDs of the event and one is included in the price. We can also post the video to YouTube allowing for easy viewing on any computer, phone or smart TV.  Additional DVDs are just $25. 

A celebration of live video is just $225 plus tax. 

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