Class Reunions
Life is About Keeping Connections

Class Reunion photos

Class reunions are events that mark our lives. We go to our tenth reunion to see how everyone looks.  What jobs they have and do a little bragging. Our 25th becomes a place to show photos of our kids and maybe even our grandkids. Then when your 50th comes around, it’s time to reminisce about your lives and how the world, in general, has changed.

At Portraitefx by Roy Dressel Photography, our group photos and booklets create more memories for future class reunions.

Group Photos, Reunion Booklets and Couple Photos

Portrait Packages

We will set up a portable studio at the reunion and offer portraits of each couple

Packages are offered starting at just $25.

Group photos

We offer group photos two ways:

Option 1

Attendees purchase group photos  at the event

They pay for the picture that evening, and we mail it to them.

Cost for an 8x10 is $20.00

For an 11x14 is $35

Price includes tax and mailing

Option 2

Group photo included in the reunion package.

With this option, each classmate gets a group photo,

the committee pays us with one check.

Prices vary depending on how many classmates
you expect to be at the reunion.

8x10s range from $15.00-$18.00

Reunion booklet 

We photograph each person or couple that comes to the reunion

that evening and publish them in a soft cover reunion booklet.

Pages for candid photos are included.

Portraits packages are available for purchase starting at $25

Give us a call and we can go over details and give you quote.

(there is a 50 book minimum)

We do the work. 

We know that the committee does a lot of work to make the evening turn out just as planned. Everyone wants to have a good time and look forward to the next reunion. We want to make things as easy as possible for the committee, and take as little time as possible away from the events themselves.

When we do a group shot, we set it up, take the photo and have a table available for classmates to come and order the photo right after the shot.  Usually, the entire process takes about fifteen minutes.

If we do a booklet, we set up near the entrance and take each person or couple as they arrive at the event. After the night is over, We get input from the committee as to what to put on the candid pages and the arrangement of the book. We do all the books layout for you and just ask for your approval before we place the final order. It’s fun and rewarding doing the book, and we enjoy the process. We think you will too.

So give us a call at 559-734-2110 or hit the contact tab and send us a note. We look forward to hearing from you.

PS. Yes, we do travel to reunions. If your out of the Visalia area, we will come to your venue, and often at no additional charge.

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