Commercial Photography 
Photography for business and industry
Advertising and promotion 

Professional Photography Makes a Difference



Exterior Photography

The time of day, the direction the building is facing and the time of year and the right lighting make all the difference when photographing exteriors of buildings to make them look inviting. 


Interior Photography

Quality Interior photography can make the difference when you want to make your place of business look appealing to the public. Interiors take time and lighting to make them look good. We can help. This is the interior of Delano Memorial Funeral home. it was designed by Frank Loyd Wright in one of his last projects. Give us a call when you are ready to make your building look better. 

Food Photography 

Photographing food can be a challenge, making the food look good, and making peoples mouth water when they see the photo is the idea of professional food photography. Our large studio has a sink, refrigerator and portable stove for use in on-site food prep. Give us a call and we can discuss your needs. 

Product Photography

Have products to sell, high-quality photography can make them sell. When people can see details and get an idea of not only what the product looks like but make them feel the product in their hand or on their wall they will be more likely to buy. Our large studio allows for some large and small products. 

Business uses photography in all kinds of ways, to help sell a product, communicate a message, show employees in their work environment and introduce new employees in print and on the web. On their sites and social media. We all know that facebook posts get more likes a photo. When you want a professional photo to make you look good, give us a call. 

Pricing is simple, we charge by the hour
$100 for the first hour with a one-hour minimum.
$75 for each additional hour
Outside Visalia, travel time is billed at $40 per hour
Prices are plus tax unless you have a valid California resale permit
Files are posted to the cloud for you to download. 

The above prices are for the shot only. 

Photoshop work: Any work that is needed in photoshop for the files is charged at $50 per hour. 

call or email us for an estimate on your project. 


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