Photo scanning, prints, slides and negatives to DVD or USB

Our photo scanning service is all done in our downtown Visalia studio, no sending your precious memories through the mail. 

The word is digital. Your old slides, negatives, and prints are not. They sit in drawers or shoe boxes, not shared or enjoyed.

If you had a digital copy, you could share them with your siblings and your kids, post them to FaceBook or send them to high school friends. There is so much more you can do with a digital image, but scanning all those images is time-consuming even when you know what you’re doing.

Why not let Roy Dressel Photography do the work for you. We’ll preserve your photos by digitizing them, giving you the files to share and make more prints. Or let our professional lab do the printing for you with quality printing on archival paper.

with our photo scanning service, we have three levels: our Basic Scan Only service, our Wash and Wax service and our photo restoration service.

Our Basic is where we scan your negatives, slides or prints and give you digital files.  For the majority of your images, this is just fine.

With our Wash and Wax service, we clean up the most objectionable dust and scratches by hand. This service is for your most important images that have not survived the ravishes of time well, but don’t require full on restoration.

Our top tier service is image restoration. This is  where it may take an hour or more to bring that cracked and torn image back to life.  Restoration is for that important picture, the 80-year-old B&W from your great-grandmother, the one that is badly in need of repair.

photo scanning, prints, slides and negatives to dvd and usb stick

Scan Only 
Our Basic service that is suitable for the majority of your photos
prices for prints, 35mm negatives or slides. 

first ten: $1.00 each

11-50…….. .75¢ each

51-100…….65¢ each

100+…….50¢ each

pricing example: 
you have 125 slides to scan. 

Your cost would be $85 
$10 for the first ten, $30 for the next 40
$32.50 for the next 50 and $12.50 for the final 25. 

Image Wash and Wax

Of all the photos we have, some are more important than others.
When those unique images are littered with dust, and marks
you want to wash them and wax them and cleaned them up and only
a hand wash will do. 

First 10:  $3.00 each

11+ $2.00 each

Pricing example:
You bring us 30 photos that need a wash and wax. 

The total cost would be $70.
$30 for the first ten and $40 for the next twenty.  

Restoration has it’s own page on our site.


All work is done on-site and never leaves our studio. 

Payment: 50% due when your order is placed,
balance upon receipt. 

Turn around times depends on the size and type of order. 
Small scanning only orders take two to three working days. Large orders
and orders for Wash and Wax service can be estimated over the phone
or when you place the order.

All prices are plus tax.

What to do before you bring your photos to us for photo scanning. 

When you’re ready to bring us your images for our photo scanning service, and get your family history into the digital age, here is what to do.

Note: We ask that you take your slides out of any trays or plastic pages.  If we need to take them out, we will charge you an additional 25 cents per slide. 

  1. Go through your images and just bring us the best ones, the ones that are important to you. If you just can’t go through that shoe box of slides, we can help you.  We will scan anything that appears to be a good image, of course, this means that we could miss something that has meaning for you and seems to us to be useless. It also says that you will pay for everything we scan. If we scan something you don’t want you will still pay for it, but we will err on the side of not scanning. If you find you want it later, we can always go back and copy it. 
  2. We will separate those that we didn’t scan so you can take a look at them. There is a 20% additional charge for this service.
  3. If you want us to put them in order, give them to us in order. Number the prints on the back, or on the edge of each slide of if they are negatives put them in an envelope and lay them in the order you want us to scan them. 

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Print Prices

4x6……$2.00     5x7…..$5.00       8x10…..$10.00     11x14…..$20.00   16x20……$35.00

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