Sports and Team Packages


Our sports photo packages have what you want and more. With our professional set ups and professional lab we can offer the most wanted options and the best service. Being a local photographer, we are close by when you need to get in touch with us. Your dollars stay local also.   We have been doing sports since we began in the business in 1984 and have a efficient ordering system that delivers on time, every time. 

Our packages offer a wide range of options for any parents budget. 
(prices vary depending on size of league, please contact us for quote)

Parents and kids are excited when they receive our 
professional high gloss professional lab prints. These are not just cheep 
dime store prints and they get noticed. 

Note: Digital file option
 Low resolution files, suitable for sharing
on sites like FaceBook are included with our three largest packages
and  they can be purchased as an extra with the other packages for just $3,
a high resolution file is also available, and that package even includes
a memory mate, so they can have the group shot without getting a print packages.


Package A
(Get 8 prints)
1-Memory Mate


Package B
(Get 10 Prints)
1-Memory Mate

Package C
(Get 18 prints)
1-Memory Mate
Low Res digital file

Package D
(Get 21 prints)
1-Memory Mate
1-8X10 4-5x7s
2– 4x6 prints


Package E
(Get 29 prints)
1-Memory Mate
2 Photo Buttons
Low res digital file

Package F
(Get 31 Prints)
1-Memory Mate
1-8x10  2-5x7s
23 Wallets
2 Key chains
1-Fun Pack
Low Res digital file

Package G
Buddy Package
No Memory Mate
18– Wallets


Package H

High Resolution Digital File
with a release of copy write so
they can make their own prints

Delivered by email within
5 days of the shot, or on a
CD with the other prints

also included is a 
memory mate print
delivered with the other orders


Additional Items that can be added to any package

Photo Button

Popular with parents of younger kids, they can wear there pride and joy on their shirt. 

Key Chains

Parents can hand there kids photos with their keys. 

Magnetic Wallet Prints

Stick the kid on the fridge with these wallet prints that are magnets. 

Available in packages of 4

Magazine Cover

Put the kid on the cover of a magazine. 

Fun Pack

Usually only included when we photograph young kids, these fun packs are a book mark, and some other tings on an 8x10 sheet of hard plastic with snap outs. great fun for the kids. With bigger kids, the fun packs are traded out in package F for something else. 


A single photo of your child with a whole year at your fingertips. 

Give us a call 

If your ready for a change this year,  something different give us a call and let us present our proposal to your league. We can do everything from one team to an entire league.  Our phone number is 559-734-2110 and email us by clicking on the contact tab on any page of this web site. 


Other items of note

Deliver time is three weeks, all orders are delivered  to one location or person. 

All orders are paid for when the photo is taken, Cash, or check. Parents can pay in advance with a Credit card by going to our web site and then printing out the payment information and including it in the payment envelope. Information is included on the payment envelope. 






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