A Surprise Gift for Your Wedding Party

      Cost: Free with the Barcelona ($1,600) of above. With the San Francisco and basic #2 the cost is $100. It is not available with the #1 basic where we just photograph the ceremony and formal posed photos.

       The above pricing is beautiful print folders. These are easy to carry around and you won’t have to worry about the glass getting broken. We can also supply frames for the photos at an additional cost.

       The print quality is amazing. We have been printing out 4x6s prints for events for years and we always get raves from people about how good the quality is.

So surprise your attendants with something different, something unique. A memory of your special day.

By the way, if grandparents are there for the before photos, we’ll print pictures for them also.

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        Surprise your bridal party with a photo gift at the reception. Have a picture of them with you
 taken before the ceremony and have it at the table when they sit down to eat. Imagine their surprise when they are announced into the reception, and there is a photo, taken just an hour before, at the table for them to have as a memento of your special day.

      Here’s how it works; We will need to take the photographs before the ceremony. This can be done even if you don’t want to see each other beforehand. We can photograph the groom and his groomsmen and then the bride and her bride’s maids separately.

     Then, during the ceremony, one of our crew takes the photos to a separate location set up ahead of time and we print them out and placed them in a nice folder or if you choose, a beautiful frame for the attendants to take home that evening. 

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