Studio Portraits at Your Wedding 


The Studio Portrait 

Studio portraits have been a classic way to record a wedding day for generations. In fact, for your great grandparents, they may have been the only photos they had of their wedding. Bride and Grooms would go into the photography studio, pose for a few photos and they go to the church and get married, Those framed photos would be hung on the wall or placed on a dresser and handed down through generations. 

But studio portraits are rarely done these days, maybe because taking time out of the wedding day to go by a studio just doesn’t fit into the schedule or their photographer doesn’t do studio portraits. But we are bringing them back, only now, you don’t need to go into the studio, we’ll bring the studio to you. Setting it up and taking a few minutes to take some classic poses with a traditional background at your wedding. Whether in black and white or color, studio portraits are retro, the perfect way to bring the past into today. 

Groom in the studio in B&W

In color, black and white, or with an antique look, studio portraits are a perfect reflection of your wedding day. 

Groom in the studio

Get the studio at your wedding free if you book with us in January 2017 
(already have us booked for your wedding? Then it’s free also)

Cost is $100 for any package

There are a few requirements as to where we can set up the studio. 

There must be an indoor location to set up the studio, and a 12x12 space is needed to accommodate out lights and background. We also need an electrical outlet. 

For the Basic #1 package, where we do not cover the reception, the studio needs to be set up at the location
of the ceremony or where we will be taking the formal posed photos.
For all other packages, we can set up at the ceremony or reception location.

If your situation does not fit the above criteria, we can always go into our downtown Visalia Studio
to take some portraits.  


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