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Your engagement is an important time in your life, a period between being single and being married. It takes a few first few weeks for the fiance introduction to roll easily off your tongue. The two of you have entered into a  have settled into this new phase of your relationship. Your engaged. 

Many couples want to record this time with a professional photos session. There are many uses for the portraits. Use them in a signature book that guests can sign at the wedding, or an enlargement with a large mat around it, called a signature mat, where people can sign it as they do the book. Other uses can be for save the date cards or for the invitations themselves. Getting ready to become husband and wife is a time of love and romance but also a time of change, between your being single and being married. Treasure it with images of love. 

 Engagement Pictures can be anything from a few shots in the studio to extensive shots at a location like the central coast or the local mountains.  They can be at one location or a variety. It all depends on what you want to do with the images, if you have plans to use these photographs in a signature book on the wedding day that will require a more extensive shot then if you just want the one images for the signature mat.  Some things to think about before you call.

What will you be doing with the photos?

Studio or Location? This will often give us the answer to the the next questions.

If outdoors, do I want greenery or a more grunge like feel of the city.  And Location ?

What do I want to wear?

We have answers to that and more on one of our blog posts titled "Breathtaking Engagement Photos Start With Planning"

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