Wedding Video

Wedding Video Taping

Your Wedding Day Will Come Alive

     From the emotion of the ceremony to the fun and excitement of the reception, a professional wedding video can bring back those special moments that you will treasure for the rest of your life. 
     You'll find yourself watching the video for the first time and realizing that there were things that happened that you totally missed during your day. You'll catch yourself saying, "hey, I don't remember that," more than once. 
     You'll rewatch it on your first anniversary, reliving the memories of that day just a year ago. 
     And on your tenth anniversary, you'll be reliving those fond memories with your kids; you'll  marvel at how much you have changed and how the time went by so quickly. 
     When you want a video that you'll watch over and over. One where you can hear every word you say at the altar, where the music and sounds and emotions of the day will be captured for a lifetime: you want a video by Roy Dressel Photography. 

     Having your wedding professionally video taped can mean the difference between something you can barely watch and a video you will want to view time and time again. From quality sound too creative editing, we produce a professional wedding video that you'll want to watch over and over. 
     We have been filming weddings since 1984 when our the business began.  A video of your wedding doesn't take the place of photographs; it enhances it. The movement and sound of the video will bring your day to life.    


Ceremony Only $495 or Just $395 when added to a photography package.

     The ceremony is the most meaningful part of your wedding day, the point in time when you become man and wife. Recording such an important part of your life is what this package is all about.
       We cover the ceremony from start to finish, starting with shots of your guests arriving, people who haven't seen each other in years greeting each other with handshakes and hugs, plus you and your fiance waiting for the processional to begin.
     Then the walk in, with all the music and excitement of that moment when you see each other for the first time. All the vows in crystal clear sound, the music, the candle lighting or sand ceremony and then the recessional and the hugs and kisses after. Of course, the footage is professionally edited. Your wedding ceremony will come alive, and you'll want to watch it on each anniversary. 

Ceremony and Reception $995 or just $795 when added to a photography package.

     Now, the video won't end after the ceremony is over. We'll be there for the moments of fun at the reception. We get the toasts, and sometimes these are the most fun. Did you best man really say that! We'll get the first dance, the parents dance, the cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss and the money dance. All of the formalities will be covered. We'll edit this to make a beautiful full wedding video of the day. 

This package has 5 hours of time included with it, additional time is $100 per hour. Actual time of the Video will vary with your event. 


Add An Additional Camera View During the Ceremony 

Our regular coverage includes one camera view throughout the day. Add an exciting second camera view during the ceremony for an additional $100


Add a 15-Minute Highlight Reel

Want to show friends or family the quick highlights of your wedding day. Sometimes you'll want to sit down and watch the whole thing, but when Uncle Frank is over, you may just want to show him the highlights of the day. Add it to your Video for $25

Video deposit to book the day and time: $200
The remaining balance is due ten days before the wedding day. 

Finished Video Delivery

We deliver your finished wedding as a streaming video on the net.
where you can view it and download it.
We can also deliver it on a BlueRey Disk or on a USB stick.  
We do not deliver DVDs ad these will not give you HD quality video. 

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