Does your wedding album look like this?  We can help.


I had a customer walk into the studio the other day and ask about repairing an old traditional style wedding album. The album they had was from the late 70s and was beginning to fall apart. Even though what they had was a top quality album at the time, the years and elements had taken their tole. 

The traditional wedding album, where prints are put into a mat on the page was used in the wedding photography business for over a hundred years, up until the advent of digital and the proliferation of online press books and digital albums of today.  

I used this traditional album in my business, starting back in 1984 when I first began photographing weddings and still offer them today. Even when digital albums and press books became widespread, many wedding couples still want the traditional look. 

If you or your parents or grandparents have one of these albums that is in disrepair, we can help. 

For most situations, the best, and least expensive thing to do is to replace the album with a new one. Most of the companies that made these albums are now out of business, so replacing a few pages most likely is not possible. 

Some firms can repair the album itself, recovering the album or regluing the pages and this could be the only option in cases where you can’t get the photos of-of the old book. But, when you can remove the old images replacing the album is your best option. 

Prices for album replacements begin at $199.95 for a full-size album. Give us a call and check out our traditional album page for more information and sample images. 

Bring us your old weathered album and we’ll transform it into one you’ll be proud to show again.