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The sports Memory Mate

The sports memory mate is what I like to call the heart of our sports photography offerings. As you can see, It’s an individual player photo along with a team photo. But ours are much more than just photos.

For years, the memory mate was nothing more than a cardboard mount with the child’s photo and group photo placed inside. That style has been outdated now for years. We stopped using that style ten years ago. With digital technology, we are able to do so much more with modern memory mates.

As you can see, the background can be a striking graphic. We also add in the player’s name, uniform number, team name and the year.

Plus, we change out the graphic theme each season. This offers a nice variety for those who have had children playing for several years. Many sports photographers use the same graphics and backgrounds from year to year. It’s just easier that way. Easier, maybe but look at a wall of their images and you can’t tell one year from the next.

We make our prints in a glossy finish called metallic. This is a striking difference from the everyday luster finish that many others provide.

All in all, the memory mate is truly a lasting memory for parents and children.  Parents and players can look back on their years and not only see their child grow but also have memories of friends, teammates, and coaches.

Our basketball Memory Mate for 2020

Our Football Memory Mate from 2019