Companies step up.

It’s March 2020, and if your reading it within a few weeks of that date you know what that means. People are hunkered down. working from home or self-isolated to keep from getting the Covid-19 virus. I have noticed something in the last few days and that is software companies stepping up to help by offering many of their services or products free during this pandemic. I have been thinking about what can I do to help others. I’m just one photographer with a studio in a small town in central California. What I did come up with was a list of software resources that I could post on a page on my website listing these companies that are offering some of their services for free or removing some of their requirements like software licenses that only allow you to install on one computer. (did you hear that portrait professional)

So here is a start to what I hope will become a robust list of software resources that companies are offering, helping people during this unprecedented crisis. Please respond in the comment section if you have one you would like to add to the lits.

Zoho Remotely. While not a photo product per se, this app from Zoho helps you when working remotely from home and accessing your work computers. They are offering it free through July 1st of 2020. I use their CRM, Books and Social software on a daily basis. 

Yoast all-around SEO course: Yoast is the leading SEO plugin for WordPress websites. If you are a web site designer or just run your own website, Yoast is the one plugin to boot your visitorship. They have a ton of things to help you with both your site SEO and learning about how to do it. As a premium member, I have benefited from there post and page insite tools and now they have there All-Around SEO course free 

With churches shutting down it’s more important than ever to allow members to attend remotely, churchstreaming.tv is giving a 90 free trial because of the coronavirus.


Libra Office is what is termed open-source software. It’s free, as in entirely free. It’s a great replacement to Mircosoft’s office and will open many Microsoft office documents. I have been using it for a few years and love it. The Draw program that is part of the suite is a great desktop design program that will open older Microsoft Publisher files.

Gimp is the free, opensource photo editor and graphics design program. Some people say it’s a competition for photoshop. While I use photoshop and lightroom on a daily basis, I do use gimp on occasion. If your running Lenix it’s the best available for that platform as photoshop doesn’t have a Linux installation. 

On1 Is photos software that is a great companion to Photoshop and Lightroom, in fact, many people have replaced the two Adobe programs with their Photo Raw 2020. We have used it for years as more of a creative editing suite of special effects. Now, they are offering their extensive library of videos and learning free.