If your stuck at home and have been going through your old family photos, wanting to get prints from slides and negatives that you have not seen for years, if ever, then we can help.

Pick up and Delivery

I have my copy set up here at the house and am still taking in scanning orders, picking them up from you and delivering them back again.

Digital files can be turned around quickly and delivered to the cloud, USB stick, or CD relatively quickly. A week or less.

Getting Prints from slides and negatives. We are still offering prints, but right now those orders are taking a little longer, as of this writing it is taking a week to ten days to get print orders, and the ability to get prints is day-to-day. Just yesterday (March 23), I got word that two of my professional labs had shut down for two weeks because their states were going on lockdown. When you call or text, we can give you any updates.

Some precautions during this outbreak.

We are asking that you go through what you have and make a count of what you want done. (We charge based on how many scans you need.) Usually, when you come into the studio, we would sit down and help you with this, but with the social distances in place, we ask that you do this. We will pick them up at your door and give you a receipt.

We ask for a 50% deposit when you place your order. Once you give us the totals you have, we will figure the total and send you an invoice by email. You can pay the deposit online (that is the preferred way) or give us a card at the door. You may also give us a check. (least preferred)

We will wear rubber gloves when we pick up and deliver your order. Maybe a little overkill, but in this situation, you can’t be too cautious.

My studio is in Visalia, but I live in Fresno, so pick up in the Fresno-Clovis area is easy for me, I will be coming to Visalia most probably a couple of times and week and can arrange to pick up during those days. I will let you know when you contact me.

We will get through this

I hope that when you read this, we are back to somewhat normal. That I am going into work five days a week. That I can get prints from slides and negatives without having to worry about labs closing, that weddings are being held, sports leagues are playing, and we can go to the movies in a theater again, but for now, maybe I’ll see you at your door.