covid-19 protocols


     To make your interactions with us safe, we have set out COVID-19 protocols for our studio. As I write this in the middle of May 2020, we are moving into what the state calls faze two of business re-opening during the coronavirus pandemic. The studio has been closed since March 21st. During that time, I have been working from home, going into the studio about once a week to make sure things are in good shape and to do some cleaning.

While at home, I have been working on setting up new processes for event photography, which is a big part of our business. When we do get back to taking those types of photos, we can do it safely. Much of what I am doing most likely won’t be doable until the fall of this year. That’s when sports programs will get back up and running. Churches will be meeting again (Church directories), and those rescheduled weddings will take place.

When it comes to the studio space, the Visalia Chamber of Commerce (we are a proud member) has given us some excellent guidance.

Here is what we are doing.

We are wiping down surfaces with disinfectant wipes between customers, including doors, doorknobs, desks, chairs, pens, calculators, light switches, and anything people have touched. 

Hand sanitizer will be provided for your use. 

We are wearing masks for your protection. 

Curbside pick up is available. 

Any background that has been touched by a client will not be used again for three days. 

Follow six-foot social distancing guidelines. 

We are also putting in place procedures to do regularly, cleaning any touchpoints between customer visits plus regularly cleaning any work areas during the day. Changing the air conditioning and heating filter frequently, plus sanitizing any packages or other goods that come into the studio.

We want to get back to work, we want to take photos again, but we want to do it safely. We can’t just assume that we will just go back to how we were operating back in January or February.