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This post is written to help make for a more organized and efficient sports photo day.

A quick note that, We will have a table where you can ask questions, get change, see samples of the items we offer, get a payment envelope and pay with a credit or debit card on photo day.

Here are the basics.
Only players who are purchasing a package will be photographed individually,  but all players need to be present and in uniform for the group photo.

Those purchasing a package need to have their envelope in hand at the time we take their photo. We can not take a picture without an envelope.

The Memory Mate:  The memory mate is an 8×10 print with both your child’s individual photo and their team photo.  The information printed on the memory mate comes from your order form. What you enter on the form; child’s name, team name, uniform number all go onto the memory mate. If you enter just your child’s first name that is what will appear. If you have two kids in the photo, we need both their names.

Please ask questions at the table and not of the photographers if possible, that will keep
the photos moving along smoothly.

Buddy and sibling shots need a separate order form.

If you have two kids and want them both in the same photo, that is fine.
If they are on the same team, just fill out one envelope with both their names. (if a memory mate is in your order, what you enter on the order form will be on the memory mate)

If they are on two different teams, you will need two envelopes, one for each child. You
can order a package for one child, and a memory mate from the second. That way
you will have both kids in the same photo and a team photo for both.  We need to know what team the second child is on so we put the correct group photo on her memory mate.

If you have a question before photo you can email me at roy@roydresselphoto.com You
can also call or text me on my cell phone 559-289-2382 See you on photo day.