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virtual sports phoos

This photo started out as 9 individual photos, we then photoshopped
them together to make this Virtual Team Photo.

Team photos for league sports and martial arts schools have traditionally been done by grouping all the players and coaches together. But, in this time of social distancing, is this a good idea? Most likely not. Here at Roy Dressel Photography, we have developed a system that creates a team photo after the fact. Never having to group the players together.

It’s called a Virtual Team Photo, and here is how it works.

We take the individual posed photo like we usually would if we were doing a traditional group photo. Then simply take a picture of the player standing straight ahead, looking at the camera. That straight-ahead photo is the one we will use when we produce the virtual group. Doing it this way provides several advantages over the traditional grouping of players.

  1. Once we take their photos they are done. The player and his parents can go to their game, or go wherever they need to go. They don’ have to wait around to do the group photo.
  2. Every player looks their best in the virtual team photo. As you know, it’s not easy to get ten or more kids to all look good in that team photo. With the virtual team photo, it’s easy to have everyone look good.
  3. We save time. No more having to wait around for that one player.
  4. We can include that one player who is late and did not make it in time. When we do a traditional team photo, there are times when we can’t wait for that one late player. Now, even if they don’t show up at all on photo day, they can come into our studio and be included.
  5. No grouping together during this time of social distancing is something we are all acutely aware of. If you have been concerned that taking the traditional group photo will be an issue, this solves that problem.

If this sounds like something that you would like to offer to your league, give us a call or email us. Let’s make this year the best photo day ever with a virtual team photo from Roy Dressel Photography.

Roy talks about how we are going to do the Virtual Team Photo on photo day.

virtual team photos basketball

A Virtual team Basketball group: these are nine individual photos that have been put together in photoshop.