Roy Dressel Photography About Us 

      Thanks for visiting our website and our about us page. While Roy Dressel Photograph has gone through a lot of changes throughout its history, one thing has remained constant. Our commitment to a quality product and to our service to our customers. Photography is a people business, it requires not just a good eye but more than a small amount of physiology. There is an art to helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

In Business since 1984

We take great pride in the fact that we have been in business since 1984. Through the good times, and the lean years, through thousands of rolls of film, to the digital era, it’s been fun, and certainly challenging. I still enjoy meeting new customers and old friends. Helping them with their photography needs, whether it be a business headshot, a photo restoration, a wedding or your child’s sports photo.

Here is a short history of where Roy Dressel Photograph has come from.

I found my passion for photography when, on my thirteenth birthday I received a kit to develop and print B&W film. The FR Developing and Printing kit. I was hooked and became fascinated with the darkroom. Developing the rolls of film I took with my old Kodak Box cameras and then making little prints with the small enlarger that came with the kit. It was like doing magic tricks. Only later did I get a good 35mm camera.


I photographed my life as I grew up in North Hollywood California and when I moved to Fontana I ended up a photographer for my high school yearbook. My photography teacher in high school, Rober Myers was a big influence on my life. He was not just a great teacher, but also had an interesting sense of humor that I loved. If a student would say “Hi Mr. Myers, his reply would be “no I’m not”. If a student would slip past him in the classroom and say “excuse me Mr. Myers” his retort was “there is no excuse for you”.

 Photographed for the COS newspaper and yearbook. 

Later, at COS in Visalia, I photographed for the college yearbooks and the newspaper, “The Campus”  and won awards at the state level.  I started Roy Dressel Photography in January 1984 I started working out of my home in Farmersville, just a few miles east of Visalia. I had been selling cameras for JCPenney for six years and was ready to move on to a more professional camera store inside Main Drug in downtown Visalia.

A second child meant extra income was needed. 

Realizing that he needed some extra income after my second son, Daniel was born I found that being a wedding and event photographer was something he liked and could do in my spare time. I loved being in business for myself and soon set a goal of taking the business full time.  After several years, and another child I was able to go full time with the business in 1993, and move into my present studio in 1996.

Married Javonna in 2011. 

In 2011 I married Javonna Butler, a nurse at Valley Children’s Hospital and moved to Fresno, but kept the studio in downtown Visalia  Offering just about any kind of professional photography service, from scanning and photo restoration to weddings. For a few years, I was an affiliate of a company called Portraitefx but found that it did not offer me all the perks that I had anticipated, and after being self-employed for so many years, I found that I did not like being with a large organization. It did teach me the ins and outs of the volume photography business and for that I am grateful.  

The little darkroom kit I got for my 13th birthday. It was the start of a lifelong love affair with photography. 

My first 35mm camera, the Universal Mercury II 

The Mamiya C-330 Twins Lens Reflex, my wedding camera for over 15 years.