Your wedding day has come and gone. It’s been perfect. The weather was great; the day went off without a hitch, you had a great time. You’ll have memories that will last a lifetime. Now it’s time to decompress, to enjoy yourselves. But what about the photos.

With most of the other vendors, their job is done when they leave your wedding, but it’s just getting started for us. When we get back from your wedding, we back up your files so that if anything does happen, we’ll have another copy of those most important photos. First, we do a back up of your files on our home computer, then put another copy on our work computer at the studio. That way, we have two copies in two different locations. Then we will back them up to the cloud, for a total of three copies. That way, if something happens to one of the copies, say the worst case we have a fire at one location, we still have two other copies.

Now the job of correcting and editing your photos begin. With the photos, we run all the RAW* images through Adobe Lightroom for stills.

Any editing of the photos are done in Adobes Photoshop and a program called On1 Photo Raw; we use them in conjunction to create what we like to call creative edits to our favorite images.

Once the correcting and editing is done (usually about three weeks after the wedding day), we will compress the files (for faster uploads), post them to the cloud on a site called pCloud, and send you the link so that you can download and share them. pCloud is similar to the more well-known dropbox. It’s a better deal with more space for the price and a better interface. Along with the photos, we’ll also attach the order forms for any albums and books that come with your package.

You do get the full, uncompressed files as part of your package delivered on a USB stick. You can come by the studio, or we can mail you the USB. Just a note that we will archive the files on our computer should you ever misplace the USB. It’s a good idea to take the files and put them on at least two computers, just so that you have that back up also.

For album and Book orders. Once you have selected the images you want, you can scan the forms, email them to us, put them in the mail, or bring them by the studio. We will go over your photos, do any final editing, and layout the book to make a beautiful presentation.

Putting the book together takes about two weeks, at which point we’ll send you a link to the book’s online layout.  It will look much like a real book on the screen, and you can get a good idea of what it will look like once you have it in your hands. We want you to approve it before we send it to our lab. Once you give us that approval, it takes about three weeks to get the books back.

So there you have it; what to expect after your wedding is over. We have worked hard to make this process as easy and straightforward as possible. If you have any questions, just call or email us.

* RAW files are the image as the camera captured it, with all the image data before any processing is done. Think of the RAW file as a film negative. After we correct the images, we output them to a JPG file. This is the standard image file format.