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Revitalize Your Professional Image with Effortless On-Site Headshot Sessions

We’ll bring the studio to you, saving you time. 
We’ll come you your office to take your business headshot. 

And you can book the session online.


Business Headshots

A Good Business Headshot Helps You Sell Yourself

Having a professional business headshot tells a lot about you and your company. It says you care about the details and are an expert in your field.  The old saying “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression” is as essential today as when the phrase was first coined back in 1966 as a Madison Avenue advertising slogan for Botany Suits.

In today’s world, prospective clients’ attention span is sometimes not more than a few seconds. They will click on the next guy’s site if they don’t see something that impresses them on your website. If they see your photo taken with your phone in the backyard, that’s not impressive. They’re off to your competition. But when they see your professional portrait, they’re more likely to stay and browse. It’s subtle, but it’s real.

Here at Roy Dressel Photography, professional business headshots are not just an afterthought but a big part of our business. Business portraits are something we love to do.

The Session is Quick and Easy

At Roy Dressel Photography, taking your business headshot is quick and straightforward. We will come to you for the session, set up our portable studio, and be ready to take photos in about 15-30 minutes. We don’t need a lot of room, often a waiting area or board room work just fine.  After taking a series of photos, we’ll review them to see if we have something you like, comparing images to find the best look for you. If you find a great shot, that’s it. If not, we’ll take more until we have that just right image.

Quick tips for a great portrait

Women: Think about having your hair and makeup done before the session
(tips for your makeups for photos)

Men: w/o beards, set the session early in the day if you have a five o’clock shadow.
Get a haircut a few days before the session if it’s time.

The Making of a great business portrait blog post

Fast Turn-Around Times 

Delivery is quick; your image, in the form of a digital file, is ready the next business day and sent to you by email. In addition, we keep your picture on file should you need it at a later date. Things happen like your hard drive dies, you can’t find the image, or you accidentally delete the file. Just call or email, and we’ll send it to you again at no charge.

Check out our blog post for some tips on taking a great business headshot


Business Headshot Pricing

#1  Basic Sitting one pose
$55 for one person, $45 each for two people at the same time, and $35 each for three or more at the same time. 

Add an additional pose for $10 (with and without a coat, with glasses and w/o etc.)
Same pose, different background: Add $10
Additional person in the photo $10

#2  Add a Print Plus Package  $50

One Pose, 

Color and B&W digital file plus
your choice of 1-8×10 print, 2-5×7 prints, or 3-4×6 prints. 

All Prices are plus tax and include retouching and the digital file emailed to you
Payment is due when we take the photo unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
Companies who will be working with us regularly can arrange for open accounts.

Have other questions, or are not in Visalia, Tulare or Fresno, fill out the contact form below.

Business Headshot Inquiry Form

Business Headshot Retouching: 

All business headshots are retouched so that you look your best. This is sometimes subtle but important. All of us need a little polish, and as I like to say, you’ll look ten years younger, but you’ll still be you, it’s not overdone. We have all seen those celebrity portraits that have been retouched so much they look like plastic dolls. That’s not what you’ll look like.  You’ll just look your best. Blemishes and stray hairs along with smoothing the lines under the eyes.


Outdoor Business Headshots

Sometimes the formal studio background is not the look you are after. An outdoor location, with a background of your office, production facility or your field is what is needed to show your clients what you do in your environment. 

Order prints from your business headshot

Once you have taken your business portrait, it’s time to get prints.
Set of 4 wallets…$7.50    4×6 print….$5.00    5×7 enlargement…..$7.50    8×10 enlargement….$15.00 


We accept all major credit cards

Plus, we even accept cash (that’s the green stuff that you sometimes see in your wallet), checks, and debit cards.

Just a note of what this is not

This is quick and simple. We do take the time to get just what you want, and we will work until we do, but this is not a full-blown portrait sitting with various backgrounds and props. We do not take a whole variety of poses with different outfits. If you want to bring several outfits, we can give you our opinion on what will look the best. 

Some of our popular backgrounds for business portraits. 

soft black background

Background: Soft Black

Background #OM-5

Background: Dark Gray

Background: Drapes and Glass-2

Background: Studio Blue

Background: Smoke and Flag

Background # OM-6

Background: Standard Flag

Elizabete before
Elizabete with BG

Background Replacement

     AI technology allows us to offer hundreds of backgrounds with just a mouse click. We can take any photo and use it as a background for your portrait. Its incredible technology has been used in almost every movie for the last fifteen years; you don’t know it’s there because it’s so transparent. It’s used on the nightly news: think of the weather person standing in front of those maps.

See our blog post Background Replacement for Headshots for more detail. 


Exclusive Backgrounds for Your Companys Business Headshots

     Want a background that is unique to your organization. A consistent look that is used nowhere else can help you stand out. We can develop a background that is yours alone, using your logo, a photo of your building or some local landmark. We work with you and then used that background nowhere else. The cost will depend on the work involved, give us a call or email us and we’ll arrange a time to discuss the project. In this example, the city of Coalinga uses their city’s seal in the background of each of their councilpersons photos.

* Legal Disclaimer: Of course, you will only look ten years younger in the final photo. In real life, that is not possible. If I could really do that in real life, I would be able to charge whatever I wanted for these sessions and eventually be able to rule the world, or, in the words of the great Thurston Howell III (Gilligans Island fame)  at least be able to buy the world and hire someone to rule it for me.

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