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Business Headshots

Business portraits are one of my favorite things to do. I get to meet new people,  talk with them about their business, and learn something new. Everyone has a story, and I love to hear them. I talked with a headshot client yesterday about his time living and working in Manhattan. The city is a fun place to visit but a hard place to live, and it is no place to raise a child. That’s why he was back where he grew up, in Visalia—fun stuff, and I get paid to do it.

Business Portraits are now done at your location.

Now that I have closed my studio and am working out of my home, I do all my business headshots on location. I have paired my kit down to something easily transported. Setting up takes about ten to fifteen minutes and needs less space, which is easier for both of us.

One of the reasons I decided to close the studio on Main Street was because, when I took a little deeper dive into last studio sales, I saw that of the over 500 business portraits I had done during the year, most were done at the client’s location. Especially when that client had several people to photograph, having me come to you was logistically easier and saved time.


Business portrait prices depend on the number of people I am photographing.  If I only take one person’s photo, the price is $55. Two people will be $45 each, and three or more will be just $35 each.


I have settled on a schedule after doing business portraits on location for a year. I do headshots in the Visalia-Tulare area on Wednesdays and Fridays and in Fresno on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have set up the online scheduler I have used for several years, making it easier for you to book the appointments and see my available times.

Check out the business headshot page. The times are a bit limited with the online scheduler because, living in Fresno, I didn’t want to book a business headshot in Visalia at 10 am and one at 4 pm, having nothing in between. But if you need another time other than what is available with the online scheduler, call or text (559-697-3880), and we can arrange another day or time that works better for you.

Space needed for setup. 

My headshot kit is small, consisting of three lights and a tripod. I don’t carry a background because I add it with Photoshop after the fact so that I can add just about anything as a background. That also means the area I need to set up is small. An area 6′ wide by about 12-12 feet long works fine. I usually set up in a conference room, but I have set up in a patient room at a doctor’s office before, and while it was a little cramped to get around, but we got the photo.

So, when it comes time to get professional business portraits for your group, call us. We make it quick and painless, and you’ll look ten years younger. Of course, if you’re ten years old, that will be a problem.

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