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Celebration of Life Services

celebrations of life

Funerals are now celebrations of life

With the passing of a loved one, we celebrate their lives, a life well-lived. We gather, we tell stories and relive their lives, and in doing so, we relive our own lives.  To videotape this celebration of life has become more and more common. Here at Roy Dressel Photography, we have experience in helping families during this often stressful time.

A video of the celebration allows you to relive the stories told

Videotaping the service at the funeral home and graveside service, or the rosary and funeral mass will enable you to relive those moments that go by all too quickly. It’s especially meaningful when someone can not make it to the funeral. Having the celebration videotaped professionally can make it truly memorable and, more importantly, watchable. The footage is edited with good sound and delivered on a USB stick or BluRay disk. 

Have a slide show of your loved one’s life 

 Taking the images of a lifetime and putting them to music as a slideshow will bring back memories even better than words. All the guests can watch the slide show, bringing back memories of the life of their loved ones throughout the years. See them as little kids and as high school graduates. See them at their weddings, on their vacations, and at the kid’s birthday parties. All the memories come flooding back with the photos. The slide show can be put on a USB stick or DVD to play at a reception.

A Celebration of Life Video 

Prices for Celebration of Life videos begin at $450. This price includes one location, with up to three hours. This can be the funeral home, the church, or the graveside.  Additional locations are $200 each. So if you would like the Rosery filmed on one evening and then the Mass and Graveside filmed the following day, the total would be $850. All footage is edited and delivered on a USB stick for viewing on a computer or smart TV and we can also post them to YouTube for viewing.

A Celebration of Life Slide Show

A celebration of life slideshow with up to 200 images is $275.00. This includes copying off all the photos or slides and combining them with music. Most photos should stay on the screen for 7-10 seconds, not too long but long enough so people can see what they are and who is in them. We can then loop the show to play repeatedly, allowing guests to see all the photos. The show can be set to run on a DVD player, a computer, or directly on a smart TV.

Want some great tips of what to do at a celebration of life, check out Funeralwise for some great tips. 

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