Church Directory Program

 Your Local Source for Online and Printed Directories

Advantages to Our Program

  • Local photographer and staff, easy to reach to answer any question.
  • No high-pressure sales.
  • Printed as well as online directories.
  • Never any charge for online directory programs.
  • Timely delivery of photos and images.
  • Printed directories are delivered 30 days from approval of proofs.
  • Local studio available for those who are not able to make the photo dates.

In the past, most church directories programs have been run by large, out of the area photography companies, with no real ties to the community. At Roy Dressel Photographer we have been in the Visalia area since 1984. With deep roots in the community.  If there is a question or an issue, we are right here to take care of it, and do it quickly.

If your doing a printed directory or have gone to just doing an online one, we can help. We offer printed directories, printed by a professional printer that has specialized in church directories for years. We do the work of putting the directory together, work closely with you to give you a directory that you want, and our turn around is quick. Once the final proof is approved by you we deliver the directories in thirty days, not months like other directory companies.  The directories can be delivered at no cost to the church if you meet our requirements, if not we will give you the cost to print the directory before we begin.

Have you stopped doing a printed directory? Having issues with your congregation not participating in the new online program. Our online only program is never any cost to the church, and just like the printed directory, we come to your church, set up our portable studio and set times for your congratulation to come in for their portraits.

Whether it’s a printed directory, online or both, our sign up process is easy. We offer online signups. Families sign up for the date and time they want and get an email confirmation, they even get an email reminder the day before. We just ask that you announce the program, hand out our provided flyers and put up our provided posters to promote it.

By the way, no high-pressure sales. We often hear that that “big” companies salespeople often use tactics better suited to a used car lot then the church. None of that here. After taking the photos, families take a look at and select the image they want. At that time we offer specially priced portrait packages to people who want to purchase. If they do not, we thank them for their time and we are on to the next family.