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You may also have found that your church directory is being used more and more now. People who used to greet each other in person at church services are checking in with them on the phone or through zoom and using the church directory to find people’s contact information. But, is your directory up to date? Has your online list been lagging in participation? 

Perhaps this is the year to get a new directory program set up, and even if you no longer do a printed directory, our photography program can help. People are more likely to participate when many others are taking part in the “event,” and this is an event where people do not need to assemble. 

The most important thing is safety. 

We know that the most important thing is keeping your congregation safe. You may be thinking that doing directory photograph sessions would not work out during these times. 

Here is what we are doing to help make this safe for all. Following the protocols of the CDC. 

#1. We have doubled the time allotment for each family session to help avoid crowding, as can sometimes occur with appointments booked closer together. 

#2. Wiping down of all posing stools, chairs and tables between appointments. 

#3. We will be wearing face masks and ask that others do the same, only taking them off for the photograph. 

#4. The photographer (that would be me) will be staying at least six feet away from subjects. 

#5. We are developing a photo selection process that is both helpful and safe using more self-service stations so interaction is kept to a minimum.

#6. We have plenty of hand sanitizer available. 

With these measures in place, we can safely create a new directory for your church that will be valuable for your congregation. Plus, it gives your congregation the opportunity to have a professional family portrait taken at a reduced price. 

In these times, it is more important than ever to have family portraits that are cherished mementos to hand down to future generations. A church directory photography program can make it easy for your members to get those portraits from a local photographer.  

Other advantages of our church directory program

In the past, most church directories programs have been run by large, out of the area photography companies, with no real ties to the community. Roy Dressel Photography has been in the Visalia area since 1984. With deep roots in the community. If there is a question or an issue, we are right here to take care of it, and do it quickly.

If your doing a printed directory or have gone to just doing an online one, we can help with both.  

We offer printed directories, produced by a professional printer that has specialized in church directories for years. We do the work of putting the directory together, work closely with you to give you a book that you be proud to distribute to your congregation and prospective members.

Fast turn around times. Once you approve the final proof, we deliver the directories in 30 days, not months like some other directory companies. The directories can be provided at no cost to the church if you meet our requirements; if not, we will give you the cost to print the books before we begin.

Have you stopped doing a printed directory?  

If you have turned to an online directory only because of its many advantages but have found issues with your congregation not participating, having us do a portrait program can help. 

First off, our online-only program is never any cost to the church. In fact, you can often get a rebate when doing an online-only program.

Just like the printed directory, we come to your church, set up our portable studio. Appointment times are set for your members to take their portraits (we offer an online scheduling option at N/C) This process helps people take the initiative to join in, get their portraits taken. That “event” with others taking part helps people get involved where otherwise they would not. 

Whether it is a printed, online, or both, our sign up process is easy. We offer online signups. Families sign up for the date and time they want and get an email confirmation; they even get an email reminder the day before. We ask that you announce the program, hand out our provided flyers, and put up our provided posters to promote it.

Want to setup an online directory? 

We can help with getting your online directory started. If you like, we can set it up for you. Most churches have a staff member who can do this. In that case, we would provide them with the photos. If you would rather we do the set up we can do that also. Many times this can be included at N/C as part of your rebate.  

No high-pressure sales.  

We often hear that “big” companies salespeople often use tactics better suited to a used car lot then the church. None of that here. After taking the photos, families take a look at and select the image they want. At that time, we offer specially priced portrait packages for people who wish to purchase. If they do not, we thank them for their time, and we are on to the next family. We do want to sell photos, after all that is how we stay in business, but we feel that out portraits will sell themselves. We treat others the way we want to be treated. 

If this sounds like something you would like to look into, give us a call at 559-734-2110 or email us at roy@roydresselphoto.com to set up a time to talk. We can come to your church, or you can come to our downtown Visalia Studio.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to meeting with you soon.