You’re engaged, and your wedding plans always on your mind. Your gathering ideas and you see an ad for a bridal show. Here is a chance to see things in person. Talk to vendors, see other couples and maybe even make some deposits.

Bridal shows are a place to get hands on.  You know you need to book vendors to make your day go smoothly and for it to be a stress-free day. Who you select for your Venue, your DJ, your Cake Baker, your Cartier, and your Photographer and Videographer can make or break your wedding day. It can make the difference between you being frustrated at every turn or you’re just sitting back and enjoying the day.

Some ideas to make your bridal show visit more productive.

  • Take a friend along. That can be the best friend, your maid of honor, someone who has been married recently can be a big help. Your mom or your fiancee. That person can carry the bags of stuff you’re going to collect, they can help you sign up for drawings and hash around ideas.
  • Print out stickers with your name, address, phone and email on them for sign-ups. filling out forms all day can be a bummer, but pulling stickers off and pasting them down is easy.
  • Go to the show with a plan. Get an idea of what you want for your wedding and go with that in mind. Do you need to book a DJ, a Photographer, a Cake person? Then spend your time looking at those booths. Ask questions, see if they fit your budget and ask them if they have any show specials. Often a vendor will have a special offer that is only good at the show. If your ready to book and find that right person you can often save some money when you book at the show.

Ask the right questions: How long has the vendor been in business? Does the vendor have insurance? Has the vendor worked at your venue before? Does your vendor have a business license and any other licenses that may be required? (Important if your looking to have someone fly a drone at your wedding)  How does the person dress at your wedding? What happens if the person gets sick on your wedding day? Will the person shower on the day of your wedding? (OK, just kidding on that last one, or am I?) Does the vendor have a contract and can you see it before you book?

There you have it. some basic ideas for making your time at a bridal show productive and fun. We hope to see you at one soon.