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church directory

Doing a church directory was often a frustrating process.

Organizing members to come in and get their photos was often quite a chore. Slow delivery of the books along with high-pressure sales tactics caused many churches to do the directory themselves, often with not a lot of buy-in from church members. If you have found this to be the case, then maybe we can help. 

Your members want a directory and find it useful when they need to find others phone number or address. An active list helps keep people in touch with each other and makes it easy for church staff to keep track of the congratulation.

Heres how your church directory process can be better this time with Roy Dressel Photography 

1. We’ll make an appointment to come by the church and talk. We’ll go over details of what you want to accomplish and what we offer. If it sounds useful to you, we’ll put what we agreed to in writing and set up the days and evenings to start taking photos.

2. We’ll make posters to put around church announcing directory days and have flyers printed to hand out.

3. We’ll set up our online scheduling app

and send you the link to this tool that makes everyone’s life easier. Families, couples, and individuals can go online anytime and set up their appointment. Our app will confirm their date with an email when they make the appointment and remind them with another email one the day before the photo session. If they need to change or cancel, they can do that by clicking on the link in the first email they receive.  Most all of the scheduling will be taken care of in the app; no need to do all by hand. 

4. We realize that some of your older members may not be comfortable with doing this online If  so they can call our studio to make their appointment, or if you like, church staff can do this themselves, say just before service.

5. We set photo times for 15 minutes and 30 minutes.

Individuals, couples and couples with one or two adult kids are set for 15 minutes, families with small children and extended families are set for 30 minutes.

6. Once we are finished photographing,

They will go over to our computer when my wife, Javonna will go through the photos and have them select the one they want to use in the directory. Plus, at this time we will offer reduced-price photo packages for those that would like them. But, no high-pressure sales tactics from us. Our photography sells itself.

7. The print orders will take about three weeks to arrive, the digital files for the directory will be ready in ten days -two weeks and will be delivered on a CD, USB stick or can be posted to the cloud.

8. If we are doing a printed directory we will do the layout of the book for you. No need to do that chore yourself. We will have both a digital proof for you to approve in two to three weeks, then we will have a printed proof to make sure all looks good. Once that is approved,  printed directories will be delivered in one month.

9. What about those that can not make it to one of the sessions we have set up? 

They can make an appointment at our studio in downtown Visalia, or if there are enough, a makeup day can be arranged.

So if you’re looking for a better church directory experience,

one from a local photographer with 34 years of experience in the photography business, give us a call at 559-734-2110 or shot us an email at roy@roydresselphoto.com or send me a text at 559-289-2382. I’ll get right back with you.

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