Photo of PO box at a Post Office
Blame it on COVID-19, New mailing Address

Our studios mailing address is now PO Box 1174, Visalia, CA. 93279.

For twenty-four years we have had our studio in downtown Visalia and we still do, but a couple of things have occurred that have caused our mail delivery to be disrupted.

A little history is in order. There are three offices in the upstares part of the building where our studio is located. When I first moved in back 1996 the law firm of Victor Perez was in the middle offices, but they moved out sometime around 2000, and Metroplus, who already had a salon by that time on the ground level below us, opened their day spa. Ola Raza, an immigrant rights organization was the other tenant, and they were there for forty years until they moved to their new offices on Center Street in March of last year.

Our mailboxes are located inside a door on the ground level and before COVID, one of us three would arrive to unlock that downstairs door before the mail was delivered in the morning (usually not me) and everything went along its merry way. But now, the Spa has been forced to shut down, I go in only when I have appointments and the Morgage company, who moved into the suite where Ola Raza was, only comes in in the late afternoon. Thus, the mail is not being delivered so I decided to get a PO Box for the foreseeable future. So please send any checks, lottery winnings, gifts, and even those bills to the PO Box 1174 address.