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Youth Sports Photography Program

Packages Parents Want-Photos They Love

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Are you 100% happy with your present league photographer? Do they provide


  • A choice of offerings that fit your league, from basic low-cost packages to top-tier offerings.
  • A fast and efficient photo day (or days) Do you want multiple days for photos, but your photographer wants it all done in one day?
  • Do they offer a virtual team photo?
  • Are the photographers and staff friendly and having fun taking photos, or is it a chore? 
  • Are you getting a full printout of your rebate money?
  • Does your provider offer a quality customer service experience?

If you recognize some of these issues, then read on. Maybe we can help.

Three Pricing and Product Levels


Your league can choose from three levels of photography programs offered by Roy Dressel Photography. If you’re looking to provide parents with the lowest prices, our traditional level of service is perfect for you. These photos feature great quality with traditional backgrounds, either ones we provide or the field/court where they play. For a few dollars more, our Traditional virtual group service offers a time-saving option on photo day that ensures everyone in the photo looks their best. If you seek the most unique photos for parents and players, our Extrem graphics level is the ideal choice. Remember, the level you choose applies to the entire league.


Whats a Virtual Team Photo?

The team photo is always the most time-consuming part of youth sports photo days.  Getting the kids to cooperate or waiting for the one who is always late is frustrating.

At Roy Dressel Photography, we have a solution – the virtual team photo. Here’s how it works: We take a photo of every player on the team, whether they are buying a package or not, and use this to make the group. It’s quick and easy, and once they take the photo, they’re done and can leave. An added benefit to the virtual team photo is that it ensures that everyone looks great, with no funny faces or closed eyes. Try it and see why everyone loves it!  Check out our blog post. A Team Photo W/O the group

virtual team photo
Basketball player

Traditional Backgrounds 

Traditional backgrounds for individual and team league sports photos are used in the Traditional packages. We either use the on-site background, or if the shot is indoors (like basketball), we’ll bring a portable background. In many situations, this works fine and offers the lowest package prices. With the intermediate package, traditional with the virtual team, we would use the same background that is used for the individual photos in the virtule team shot.

Traditional Graphics for 2024

Bag Tag
Basketball 2024 button-magnet
2024 Basektball Memory Mate
Woodlake Basketball 2024 magazine cover

Introducing our traditional Sports Photo Graphics for 2024! At Roy Dressel Photography, we believe that photos should not only capture the moment but also reflect the excitement and passion of sports. That’s why we offer a range of eye-catching graphics to enhance your photos and give them a unique flair. With new graphics introduced every year, you can be sure that your photos will always stand out from the rest. Whether you choose our traditional package offerings or add the virtual group, our graphics are included to add that extra touch of excitement. Get ready to elevate your sports photos to a new level with our Sports Photo Graphics. Trust the experts since 1984.

Extreme Graphics

Our top-of-the-line league package is Extreme Graphics, which offers parents and players modern, exciting, and extreme custom graphics.  The choice of colors can match the league. 

extreme graphics for youth sports

Volume Photography

Volume Sports and school photography are what we do. It’s not just a sideline. To do it right, it takes a good system. There are hundreds of people who call themselves photographers today, and that works well for some candid portraits at the park, but when it comes to photographing 200 players a day and delivering all those packages correctly and on time requires both experience behind the camera and a system that gets the job done quickly.

I have been in photography since 1984 when jobs like this were shot on film. I’ve done my share of weddings and portraits over the years, but now sports and school, along with headshots, are all I do.

Customer Service

Customer service: At Ar Roy Dressel Photography, we take pride in our customer service. We are good at what we do, but we are not perfect, and sometimes something happens, a mistake in an order, a misspelling on a memory mate, and when that occurs, we fix it right away. We answer the phone (or call right back) and resolve the issue. Our contact info is on every envelope so parents can call us directly.

Call or text is 559-697-3880. Message us