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White Mountain Panorama

One of my favorite places on earth (not that I have been to all of them) is the  White Mountains east of the Sierras and the  Ownes Valley. The main peak, White Mountain is 14,252 feet but few people know of its treasures, other than the Ancient Bristile cone Pine Forest. Trees that are the oldest living things on earth. This panorama was taken in July 2021 on a Motorcycle Ride to the Whites. I went up to the viewpoint in the morning to grab some shots and decide that the best way to capture it was with a panorama. This view is looking south to the Inyo Mountains in the center of the photo and the Sierras to the right, from way back near Cottonwood Pass in the far distance to the Bishop pass area on the right.

Panoramas are fun and easy to do with your phone and many cameras. I did this one using a Panasonic Lumix FZ2500, just set it on the Panorama mode and begin panning with the camera. In the days of film, when I began photography, you would need to take a series of photos and then take the prints and piece them together. When I was a kid (god, I swore I was not going to say that, but here I am) At a place called The Backpackers Shop in Upland California, they used to have a large panorama made just that way of a section of the John Muir Trail south of the Sequoia/Kings Canyon border at Forester Pass called the Bighorn Plateau. Then, it was cool and memorable because at that time it was hard to do. Now it’s easy and done all the time, but it”s still cool because it’s a unique way to see the world. We can pan our head and take it all in when we are there, but our eyes still can focus on the entire thing at once the way the photo allows us to do.