Photo Restoration

Your family memories restored to like new again.

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Photography has been an important part of recording family history for since the late 1800s. Everyone has old photographs of family members that have survived the years. Some of them not so well as others. As they have been handed down from generation to generation, gone through countless moves from home to home, their condition has often suffered. Cracks, stains, fading and often scratching mar these old family heirlooms. Our photo restoration service brings them back to as like new condition as possible. 
     Many of these photos are OK like they are.  But others are significant and critical to telling your family history. Images of your grandparent’s wedding or a studio portrait taken in the early 1900s of a child that grew up to become your grandfather.  Those images are the ones that our photo restoration service can help/ 
    Saving those old photos is something that you should do sooner than later. As the years pass, the pictures become more brittle and the chance of losing them to the elements increases.
     At Roy Dressel Photography, we do all our work in-house. We don’t send them out and have the chance that they will become lost or damaged in transit. We talk to you about what you want to be done, how you want the final image to look and all our work is guaranteed. You must be happy with what we do or there is no charge. Roy has worked in B&W for forty years. Both in the days of film and the darkroom and now, digitally, We work with only with professional labs for the finest quality, both visually and in terms of longevity.

Ready to preserve your family memories, give us a call or email us about our photo restoration service. ?

The Process

      We never work on your original image. what we do is first make a digital copy of your image (included with your restoration) and then work on that file in photoshop. We charge based on the extent of damage and the time we expect the job to take. We will give you a written estimate when you bring your photo in for us to look at. The price will never exceed the amount of the estimate but could be lower. We have a minimum charge of $20.00. 
     Turn around times:  for most restorations, the turn around is
 about two weeks, this varies with the amount of work involved and can sometimes be a little longer. You will be given a date when the work will be done when you place the order.

Just need your old photos, slides or negatives scanned to Digital files We do that also 

 Prints From your restored images

4-wallet photos: .. $3.00