New Pre School Photography Program for 2021

This year, school will look and be different. the Coronavirus has changed everything in our world, and school is the first place that changes will be made. Here at Roy Dressel Photography, safety is our utmost concern. Keeping the children, you as teachers and us safe from the virus. For the last few years, we have been offering a Virtual Class Photo instead of the standard group. Now, that is more than just a great way to highlight the class, its the only safe way to do it. But you’ll find more than that,  you’ll find a preschool photography program that focuses on giving both your school and parents great value and a great photo day experience.

In addition, we’re a local studio, close by when questions arise.  With over three decades of experience in the photography business, we have the knowledge to get it right, and when an issue arises, we pride ourselves in taking care of it right away. We offer both fall photos and spring photo programs with cap and gown. We also offer a variety of backgrounds that will please any parent. Call or email to discuss your school’s program.

The Virtual Class Photo
(for child safety reasons, we have hidden the kids identity by cartooning them and changing their names)

pre school composite

Virtual Class Photos

In today’s world of social distancing, grouping the kids together for that traditional class photo doesn’t work. Our preschool photography program offers what we call a Virtual Class Photo, each child’s photo is used in a composite image with their first name, along with the photos of teachers and staff. No grouping together and it’s a keepsake that all will enjoy better than the often stiff group photo. Plus, once the child has taken their photo, they are done. If the parent brings their child in just for the picture that day, they don’t need to wait around for the group shot. They can go home. All children can be included in the composite, whether they buy a package or not. Plus, we provide a Virtual Class Group for each teacher and a wall print to hang on your wall at school at no charge. 

booring old composite
pre school composite
colorful composite

Some sample composites available 

We have a studio for makeup photos or redos.

If a child was not able to make it on photo day, or makeup day, they can always come to our studio in downtown Visalia to do their photo.  If it is within a few days of the school’s photo day, we can add them to the class photo. 

Preschool Packages and Fun Add On Items

Our packages include more of what parents want, with digital offerings and prints that parents will love to give to grandparents and friends. Give us a call or email us to discuss your school needs, and we can send you a pricing proposal.

Sample Spring Preschool Photography and Daycare Backgrounds

Parents can choose one of these backgrounds for their child’s photo package. 

Give us a call at 559-734-2110, we’ll be happy to go over details about your school and send you a personalized quote. Or just shot us a message.

We’ll get right back to you. (we really will)