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We make it quick and easy for you to book your business portrait.
Select a convenient time from those available in the table below,
give us your contact information and you’re done.

You’ll get a confirming email that will include links to change or cancel the appointment if something comes up.
You’ll even get an email reminder the day before your appointment.

The session usually takes fifteen minutes or less. There is a dressing room for clothing changes and last minute check-ups to make sure you look your best.
take a few photos, then check them out to see if there is the one you like. If so, we’re done. If not,
we’ll take more until we do get the perfect image.

Your session includes retouching, a little polishing goes a long way.
We like to say we’ll make you look ten years younger.

We are located at 115 West Main Street, on the second floor above Metropolis Salon
(In the middle of the block between Court and Locust St. on the South Side )

Parking in downtown Visalia can be difficult especially around the lunch hour. You’ll find a spot
easier by parking in the back of our building on Acequia St, (across from the post office) 
and going in our back entrance. The aerial map below highlights the back parking lot.

This is for in-studio business portrait sessions only. For photos at your location, please call or email. 

Roy Dressel Photography

Parking is a little easier in the back parking lot on Acequia St, across from the downtown Post Office and next to the Times Place building. 
There is an entrance to our building from this parking lot.