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School Photography Program

Small Schools are our specialty

Feel like you getting put on the back burner by your current school photography company; we can help.

    Too often, smaller schools get overlooked when it comes to school photography programs. Big companies want big schools with lots of students,  so smaller schools often go to the end of the line. But not us, we’re looking for smaller schools because we’re a smaller company, but being smaller doesn’t mean we don’t have experience. In fact, we’ve been in the photography business longer than anyone else in the area.

    Our years of experience and commitment to exceptional customer service ensure that no school gets put on the back burner. We believe in creating a personalized and enjoyable experience for every school we work with. Discover what it’s like to work with a photography company that truly values your school’s individuality and creates memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us today for a personalized quote!

school building with children playing
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Part of the community since 1984

     I began the business in 1984, photographing weddings and portraits part-time out of my home in Farmersville; by 1993, I went full-time. I opened my first studio in January of 1995. It was a small office space in the Times Place Building in downtown Visalia, just big enough to take photos and have a desk in the corner. One year later, I moved into the upstairs studio at 115 W. Main St. It was a 1300 sq foot space, perfect for a photo studio with high ceilings, a separate room for an office, a dressing room, and a back area for storage.

     I remained in that location for twenty-six years. It was a great location, but I found that I was doing more and more of my work on location, and having a studio was no longer needed. I closed the studio at the end of 2022 and began working out of my home in Fresno, where I had moved back in 2011 after getting married to my wife, Javonna. We now work together in the school photography and league sports jobs.



Five-Star Customer Service:

 Customer service is important in the school photography business and we take pride in making it a priority in our business. If a parent has a question or the school has a special request, we are here to help.
We answer our phone or call them right back. If something is wrong, we correct it right away.
No company is perfect, and things happen,
but how we make it right has kept us in business all these years. 

red head school photo
ID card

We have the service items your school needs

Our professional lab is one of the premier labs in the country and offers all the service items your school needs to work efficiently.

  1. ID Cards with state-required safety info on the back, available with and w/o barcodes.
    RFID and Prox cards are available.
  2. School Directory
  3. Thumbnail sheets and sticker sheets of student and staff photo
  4. Downloadable Admin and Yearbook exports.
  5. Lunchroom books with students’ IDs and barcodes.
  6. Principle Books
  7. Service Strips
  8. Stickers
  9. Safety Inserts

Class Composits-The Alternative to the Group Photo. 


Capturing the perfect group photo can be a challenge, especially with young children. But with our school photography program, we offer something different – a Virtual Class composite Photo. Each child’s photo is skillfully blended into a beautiful composite image alongside their name, teachers, and staff. It’s a cherished keepsake that everyone will appreciate. And here’s the best part – once a child’s photo is taken, they’re free to go.

If you’re a part of a preschool or charter school program and you’re only there for the picture day, there’s no need to wait around for the group shot. Once your child’s photo is captured, they can head home. Rest assured, every child is included in the composite, whether they purchase a photo package or not. Additionally, we proudly provide a Composite for all teachers and staff at absolutely no charge. Trust Roy Dressel Photography for remarkable Composite Class Photos that will be treasured for years to come.

class composite part of our school photography program

Exciting Background Choices at No Extra Charge

background #4

Pre school background

background #5

Pre school background

Background #6 truck

Our truck background has been popular for years.

background dark gray

Gray is our default background. 

Background: Studio Blue

Blue is one of the most popular. 

fall background

Our fall background remains popular. 

brick wall

This brick wall was in the studio I had for 26 years in downtown Visalia. 


Brown goes with lots of colors and is a great fall color.  

background F3

A brownish background that presents interesting patterns. 

you rock background

You Rock has a few takers at each school. 

We offer 5-6 different backgrounds for parents (and kids) to choose from. Gray is our default color and is used for all teachers’ and staff photos and those who do not enter a background choice on the order form. Each year, we take a look at what was selected well and add a few new ones while dropping those that don’t do well. 

Give us a call at 559-734-2110, we’ll be happy to go over details about your school and send you a personalized quote. Or just send us a message.

We’ll get right back to you. (we really will)