High School Senior Portraits

At Roy Dressel Photography the Senior Portraits experience can be fun, the photos can be great and you can be you. We do not take the copy and paste approach to your photos here; we encourage you to bring props and clothing that will show your individuality.

Different Settings For Different People.

The sitting fee below covers the shot itself; photos are additional.

Basic  $20
 For you who want just a few photos, nothing complicated. No clothing changes, wear what you come in with.  Get head and shoulder, window light and full-length shots.  In-studio only.

Intermediate  $35
A variety of shots with two clothing changes, in the studio or one outdoor location in the Visalia or Fresno area.

Something in the middle  $55
Two locations, studio and one outdoor, or two different outdoor locations in the Visalia or Fresno area, and two clothing changes or just one location and four clothing changes.

The “everything” package  $70
Up to five changes of clothing, in the studio and up to three outdoor locations in Visalia or Fresno area.




All prices include basic retouching: natural facial blemishes, stray hair, etc. Things like the removal of braces, extensive blemishes, and tan lines are extra.

Selecting The Images

We have you, and your parents come to the studio within a week of the shot to view your photos on our big screen. We can go over the various images, help you with selections and show you what we can do to make your pictures a work of art.

Digital Files

With all senior portrait packages, we include compressed digital files from the images you order, perfect for sharing. 

Clothing and Props

Your Senior Portrait should say “This is who I am!” We encourage you to bring your favorite clothes, props, and most important of all, your individuality. You might bring a musical instrument, a pet, or if you play sports, a baseball or basketball. Your uniform or letterman’s jacket. We can even include your motorcycle, car, or bicycle in your location photographs. Choose clothing that you feel comfortable in; a formal or dressy outfit, a casual outfit, and something wild and crazy.

Wallet Special

16 Wallets  24.95
32 Wallets  39.95 (reg. 99.80)

48 Wallets  54.95 (reg.  149.70)
72 Wallets  69.95 (reg.  224.50)

These prices are for wallets ordered in
addition to one of the packages and from one image.

Looking for outdoor locations for senior photos, check out our blog post, The 5 Best Places to Take Pictures in Visalia