Special Olympics Basketball Photos 2020

Roy Dressel Photography takes pride in providing a great sports photo experience for the Special Olympics each year.  We realize that we are not just talking photos, we are creating memories that will be passed down through generations.  I have three sons that all played sports at one time or another in their young lives. When I see those photos that were taken all those years ago they bring back the memories of cheering on the sidelines and in the stands. Good times. By the way, all three of my boys help in the business today. That is truly rewarding.

So we work hard to create the best photos of the players and teams we photograph and offer something unique to show off to family and friends.


Here are samples of our 2020 basketball products and graphics. 

Basketball Memory Mate for 2020

The memory mates are the heart of our packages, an 8×10 photo with both the individual player’s photo and a group photo of them and their teammates and coaches. In the years to come, they can look back at this photo and remember those who he played with, and became friends with, along with the coaches who helped mold them into team players. 

The memory mate includes the player’s name, their team name and the year.

Basketball Magazine Cover

Design for Magnets, trader Cards and Keychains

Photo Button

8×10 Team Photo

Event Pass. 
You get 4 of these passes
when you order package X

Packages and prices for the 2020 Special Olympics Basketball program. 

Here are the packages and prices for the 2020 Special Olympics Basketball program. Click this link for a printable version. You will be receiving a price list just like this one with an envelope pocket to put your payment (cash or check) in. If you wish to pay with a credit or debit card you may do at our table on photo day.