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Special Olympics Basketball Photos 2024

 Here are samples of our 2024 basketball products and graphics. 

Photos will be taken at the Tulare Youth Center on Sunday, March 3.  We will be set up in the lobby, ready to take photos at 11:45. We will give each player and coach a piece of paper with a QR code on it; we will take a photo of them holding that QR code first, and they will take their photo for their package. Our software reads the QR code, matching their name and team with their photo. 

2024 Basektball Memory Mate

Basketball Memory Mate for 2024

Woodlake Basketball 2024 magazine cover

Basketball Magazine Cover  (Package U $12)

Basketball 2024 button-magnet

3″ Magnet/Photo Button
Magnet: (Package R $6) 
 Button (Package S $6)

Bag Tag

Bag Tag: (Package L $7)
Free with a $30 or more package order

youth sports team photo

8×10 Team Group Photo With Boarder (Package Y  $12)

Trader Card Front

Trader Card Front

Trader Cards Pack of 8 Package P  $13

Trader Card Rear

Trader Card Back

Packages and prices for the 2024 Special Olympics Basketball program.

Here are the packages and prices for the 2024 Special Olympics Basketball program. You will receive a price list like this one with an envelope pocket to put your payment (cash or check) in.

Order online

There is a $2.50 convenience fee to pay online, but you can avoid that fee by paying with a credit or debit card at our table on photo day.

special Olympics basketball price list 2024