Sports League Packages

Are you 100% satisfied with your League’s current photography provider? Do they provide an organized, on-time picture day? Do Parents consistently get excellent quality, value, and service? Does your League receive a big share of photo sales revenues to benefit League fundraising? If not, you need to check us out!

We can provide a great picture day experience that Parents, Players, and even Coaches will like. We offer many exclusive programs not available anywhere else. Plus, your League will earn more fundraising dollars with our flexible program – We guarantee it!

We’re close by and part of the community. Roy is past President of the Visalia Host Lions Club and an Ambassador with the Visalia Chamber of Commerce. In business since 1984 and in the same downtown Visalia studio since 1996.  Give us a call or email us and we can discuss what we can do for your league. 

The Magic Of Fusion 

Ask us about Fusion, a program that makes the photo day experience even easier for parents and players. With Fusion, every player looks good, and even if they are not there on time, they are included in the group shot. It’s all done digitally, in the background. Once a player has his photo taken, he is done, no waiting around for the group shot, no having to wait until that last kid gets to the park, or that one player missing the group shot because his parent couldn’t make it on time. Fusion is the better way for league sports. 

Give us a call  559-734-2110 

or email us at roy@roydresselphotography.com to set up a time to talk.