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spring school photos truck background
spring 2023 school background #2 castle
2023 spring school background #3 carousel
spring school background #3 white trees
pre school background
tree lined road pre school background

Spring is in the air; the first day of spring was March 19th (my wife and I’s anniversary, by the way). We have offered spring school photos here at Roy Dressel Photography for many years. More and more schools offer this because parents love the more relaxed style. They are especially popular with younger kids, pre-school and kindergarten. This is an age where kids change a lot, even in the short time since fall photos were taken.

We have offered parents a choice of backgrounds for several years, and each year, we add a few new ones. We want to change things up a little each year. This makes it better for parents with several kids attending the same school. They can make the photos a little different for the next child each year.

We add backgrounds in Photoshop, saving time on photo day.

So that photo day sessions go smoothly and quickly, we use Photoshop to add a digital background to the image back at the office. We will bring one gray-painted background for those parents who don’t want a scenic background. Gray has been popular with parents because it’s a neutral color that will go with any outfit the child wears on photo day.  If a parent selects one of the scenes, we will remove the gray one and put the selected one in its place.

New backgrounds for spring school photos in 2024

We have a few of our more popular backgrounds from years past; the truck and carousel are always quite popular for spring portraits, but we have added some wonderful new, colorful, and exciting backgrounds this year. The lovely flowering field with the castle in the background will surely be popular. The white and pink trees are signs of spring, and many parents will surely choose them. My favorite of the bunch is the sun and trees’ yellow glow, which brings feelings of warm days and spring sunsets.

We are small school specialists for spring school photos. 

Do you think your school is too small for us to come in and take pictures, or has one of the big national companies say they don’t want to take spring school photos this year because you don’t have enough students? Call us; we’re a small company, so we can still make the smaller schools work for our business. Plus, smaller schools are often more fun to work with. The kids and teachers know each other and become close friends, and that makes our job a little easier.

Want to find out more about our spring school photo program? Call us at 559-734-2110 and see how easy the process is and what your school can earn from our rebate program. That’s right, we’ll give back a percentage of our sales to your school*. Does your photography provider do that?

* requires 20 students or more for the rebate program