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studio wedding portraits

Not everyone wants to have a big, lavish wedding with hundreds of guests. We’re not all extroverts who are comfortable being the center of attention or have the time to plan a wedding on a large scale. You may also rather put the funds that you would be spending on a lavish wedding, costing thousands of dollars, into something else. If your getting married in a civil ceremony but what to have some professional photos to remember the day for the rest of your lives, then our studio wedding packages may fit the bill.  Call and make an appointment today.

Basic Studio Package  $55.00 

Just the two of you come into the studio, and we take a few photos. Full length and head and shoulders shots and one at our lovely window light. (if you come in during the day) This package comes with the digital files plus, an introductory special of a free 8×10 enlargement through August 2019. 

The Couple and Parents Package  $85.00

Bring the parents with you, we’ll take the two of you both together and individually, plus photos of the two of you with each set of parents. Plus each of you with your mom and dad individually.  Get digital files plus an introductory individual 8×10 and 2-5x7s through August 2019. 

The Immediate Family Package  $125 

Bring the family into the studio, parents, brothers, sisters, and their spouses and kids. We can do a large group photo of about 15 people and do any of the other combinations of family members with the newly married couple. As with the other packages, you’ll get the digital files, and until the end of August, you’ll get an introductory free 2-8x10s and 4-5x7s.

Some notes about our studio wedding photos packages.

We are open for business by appointment only Tuesday-Saturdays.

These packages are not available for booking more than two weeks ahead of time on Friday or Saturdays.

Prices are plus tax.

Digital files are delivered online for downloading, or you may bring in your USB stick, and we will add the files to it at no charge. We can also supply a USB stick for an additional $10

Photos will be corrected and delivered within two working days.

Several backgrounds are available depending on the size of the group. Green screen background replacement is also available for an additional 20% of the packages fee.

Looking for our larger wedding packages, click here. 

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