To help make sure your wedding day goes smoothly and as planned we like to set the consultation with you the week or two before your wedding date. In this meeting, we’ll go over details of not only the timing of photos but also who will be in the formal posed photos. We ask you about family, friends and the wedding party so that we can organize the pictures most efficiently and not leave anyone out. I like to make this meeting close to your wedding day so that it is fresh in my mind when we come to the big day and by that time things are set on your end.

We’ll put together a time frame.

Do you want to see each other before the wedding? If not, will we be taking any photos before the ceremony, or all after? To get a better idea of how that all works read our previous blog post, Weddings: Organizing Your Photography. We’ll also go over who will be in photos. Will your parents be there? Are there any divorces I need to know about?  If so, are there any step kids, half brothers or sisters? Are divorced parents OK to be in the same photo together? Do you have grandparents or aunts and uncles that you may want individual pictures with?  Are you going to want a photo with the person who is performing the ceremony? Do you have any kids of your own? What about special friends or work associates? All these are things to be thinking about and bring with you to the consultation.

We’ll also ask you about the reception.

At the consultation, we’ll want to know if you will be having a DJ or band? While the reception is their gig, and we pretty much follow their lead, it’s good to know if we have worked with them in the past. If so, we will know how things are going to go on their end. As long as they make announcements, we’ll be ready to photograph the events.

This meeting takes about a half-hour. 

I like to do it in person if possible, we can do it over the phone if our schedules don’t mesh. Most often this meeting takes place at my studio, but if you live in the Fresno area, where I live, we can meet at a Starbucks if that works for you.

If your wedding will be at a venue that I have not worked at before, I like to see the location before the wedding day, and if it works, we can do the consultation at the venue. I also would like to make this close to the time of day the ceremony will take place so I can get an idea of the lighting.

So that’s about it for the wedding consultation. It’s doesn’t take long, but it is essential in helping us make your wedding day go as planned.