Business Headshots

People are judging us all the time; it’s a fact of life, and we all do it. We make judgments about what we are going to buy and who we are going to do business with by many things we see well before we even meet with the people. Things like the look of the company website,  advertising and of course, the photos you use in all your marketing. If you’re trying to convey a professional image to clients who are going to spend money with you, then having a great business portrait can be just one of the markers that show you are a professional. 

It’s subtle, but it’s important. 

 It’s a subtle thing, but if they see you have taken a photo of you and your staff out in the backyard with some shrubs in the backgrounds and harsh direct sun on your faces,  they may not realize what’s wrong, but they know something is. You have made a bad impression even before you have had a chance to make a first impression. 

We have been offering professional business portraits, both in the studio and on location since we opened our photography studio in 1995 and are proud to have companies like Kaweah Delta Hospital, Visalia Medical Clinic, Prudential California Real Estate and Visalia Chamber of Commerce among many others as clients.

A business portrait requires a little thought 

Thought as to how you want to look. It all depends on what you do for work.  Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and bankers should dress in a suit and tie for men, and a business suit for women. Your prospective client will expect it, but if you have a gardening business, people will think it’s weird for you to dress in a suit and tie, and if you’re a web designer people will expect a professional look, but a more casual one then the doctor. In other words, dress for how your future customers will expect you to look. Speaking of the medical profession, for the business portrait, it’s best to dress in a business suit instead of the lab coat, photos in a lab coat can be a little intimidating for some people. The old white coat syndrome. 

Women should wear makeup, but not too much, (check this article out for photo makeup tips) and planning your setting around a trip to the hair salon is never a bad thing.  Men should shave, or trim their beards and plan the sitting earlier in the day if your beard grows that five o clock shadow by the end of the day. If you need a hair cut plan your setting around that. 

Some guidelines: keep it simple,

No loud flowers, stripes or wild designs that distract from you. If you put on the shirt or blouse, and you see it before you see your face it’s probably not what you want to wear for your business portrait. Solid colors or striped shirts with muted colors work well. Stay away from white, unless you have a coat to go over it. White distracts from your face; the eye goes to the white shirt first. Sleeveless is also a no-no, short sleeve shirt that will show bare arms in the photo will also distract. 


Our website has samples of the backgrounds that are available; It’s best to select a background that goes with the colors of your business card or website. If your site has warm colors, go with warm background colors such as the brown, if they are color colors, the blue is a good choice. A natural black or white will work with just about anything.

Retouching included

With a business portrait being so important,  you want it to look the best it can be, and that means a little retouching. Out little tag line about taking ten years off is meant to be a bit humorous, but it’s also true. With our digital retouching, we can make you look ten years younger, and for most of us, that’s a good thing. Plus, it’s included in the price. Of course, there are some of you who look young already and are in a profession where a few years of experience is a good thing. We don’t want our heart surgeons looking like they just started med school after all. 

The setting doesn’t take long,  most settings last about ten minutes. We take a few shots then take a look at them to see if we have something you like if so, we are done. If not, we go back and take more until we have that one that is just right. After all, this is selling you and your business, you want it to look your best.

By the way, that “best” look is not always a smiling one. It all depends on the business you are in.  In real estate sales, you want to look approachable and eager to sell the client’s home,  but if you’re an attorney that specializes in accidents or devoice then you want to look tough. People want a bulldog when they go into court but they don’t want a bulldog when it comes to a therapist. 

I had taken many attorney photos before I had the need for that divorce lawyer and only then did I realize why they wanted that stern look in their adds. I didn’t want an attorney who would say, “Oh, that’s OK, whatever you want,  is Ok with me” I wanted one who would fight for me.

So a good Business portrait is simple, just a put a  little thought into it before you’re sitting and you will show the world who you are.

More on business headshots 

Check out our business portrait page for complete information and sample backgrounds. We even have a post about the one thing that keeps most of you from booking that session; photophobia.