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Woodlake basketball Memory mate 2023

Not your same old boring cardboard Memory Mates.

Memory Mates, used mainly for sports photo packages, have been around for decades. We have used them since I began doing league sports in the 1980s. At that time (in the film era), Memory Mates were simple cardboard frames. I would order a 3½ x5 print of the player and a team group photo and put that into the cardboard frame. It was simple, but it was all we had available at the time.

Now, the world has changed (don’t tell that to some photography companies who are still using cardboard frames), and what we have available is just about endless. For over a decade, we have offered an 8×10 Memory Mate with a graphic design that includes the year, players, team, and league names.

This also allows us to offer a new look every year. Parents don’t see the same old thing each season; They instantly know when that one photo from 2019 was taken. The year is on the print, and that child who played back in 2019 has something different than their sibling playing this year.

We included a Memory Mate in all our packages except the buddy package. A buddy package is for best friends or siblings where having a Memory Mate with a team photo doesn’t make sense, especially when they may play for different teams. We even with the digital download package. It’s also available as an add-on item, for grandma and grandpa who want a photo of their grandkids and with the team. It’s the most ordered item we offer.

So if you’re looking for something different to offer your sports league, be it basketball, soccer, football, or swimming, this year, if parents are tired of getting the same old thing year after year, give us a call at 559-734-2110 or email us at roy@roydresselphoto.com  for more information. We offer a better photo day experience.