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2024 Memory Mate

Not your same old boring cardboard Memory Mates.

We change our sports graphics yearly, giving parents and players something unique. While many sports photography companies offer the same thing year after year (after all, it’s easier), when league officials told us they wanted something different when they booked us, we decided to change things up every season.

Memory Mates are the heart of our sports packages; they include an individual player photo and a team photo on an 8×10 print. They have been used in sports photo packages for decades and have continuously evolved to meet the changing times. In the early days of youth sports photography, back in the film era of the 1980s, Memory Mates consisted of simple cardboard frames. I would order a 3½ x5 print of the player’s photo and a team group picture and place them snugly into the cardboard frame. It was a straightforward solution, but it was all that was available at the time.

Fast Forward: Memory Mates Today.

Now, many options abound (although some photography companies seem stuck in the cardboard frame era). For more than ten years, we have proudly offered an 8×10 Memory Mate featuring a captivating graphic design that includes the year and the names of the players, teams, and leagues.

What sets our Memory Mates apart is that they provide a new and distinct look every year. Parents no longer have to settle for repetitive images throughout the seasons. They can instantly identify when that one cherished photo from 2019 was taken because the year is elegantly displayed on the print. Each child who played in 2019 has something distinct from their sibling who is currently participating.

Memory Mates are in all but the sibling/buddy packages.

With the exception of the buddy package, we include a Memory Mate in all our packages. That sibling/buddy package is intended for best friends or siblings playing for different teams.  However, for grandparents who yearn for a photo of their grandkids together with their respective teams, they are available as an add-on item. It’s no surprise that this is the most frequently ordered item we offer.

If you’re seeking something fresh and unique to elevate your sports league, whether it be basketball, soccer, football, or swimming, this year is the perfect time to break away from the monotonous and give us a call at 559-734-2110 or email us at roy@roydresselphoto.com for further information. Experience a better photo day with our exceptional services.