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Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, there are so many decisions to make. From selecting your wedding colors, the food, your DJ, the cake, and yes, your photographer. (we couldn’t forget that one) Then there’s that guest list. (the trouble is not who do you invite, but who not to ask

The first phase of the planning process

Once your engaged and even before you set a wedding date, you begin the first phase of the planning process.   The first few weeks after becoming engaged are to be filled with decisions.  Soon you have a notebook filled with paperwork, and you know wedding planning sites like The Knot by heart. Once you have set the date and finalize it with deposits, that first phase of hectic planning is over.

The calm before it gets hectic again

Now comes a lull. You have run the first set of rapids, the rush of that is over. You’re floating on the long stretch of calm water before the rapids start again as you get closer to your date.

But during all the planning and the waiting, you’re checking out wedding ideas and photos that inspire and excite you.  Brides often ask us if they can show us pictures that they have seen, the ideas they love. Our answer to that is a very definite yes. There is a perception of photographers that we have our own way to photograph. Asking us to copy other images would be insulting. I’m sure some photographers are annoyed. After all, our profession is filled with people with giant egos. That’s not us! No one knows everything. We want you to have the best photographs possible on your wedding day. Showing us what you love will help us capture that vision you have of the perfect day.

Check out Pinterest

Pinterest is the best place I know of to do this. I would bet, without any real knowledge on the subject, that weddings have the most page views on the site. What better place than Pinterest.  Just pin the photos that you like, and make a board of the pictures. There is a limit to this, of course, and we will become overwhelmed. Only provide us with the best ones, the images you love. That will give us a good idea of what you are looking for in your wedding coverage. Realize that you have many other considerations on your wedding day. Giving us over a hundred images that you can’t live without, that will require several locations may not be possible. At the very least, this may require more time than you have available on your wedding day.  We can’t get one hundred different images at five different locations and have you back for your reception in just an hour. So show us samples of what moves you, so that we can create photos that will be memories for a lifetime.