Traditional Wedding Albums

traditional wedding albums

A classic look for today’s wedding couple 

Are you looking for the classic look of the past, an upscale look that has been a wedding photography tradition for over a hundred years?  You have found what you are looking for. Traditional wedding albums are albums where photographic prints are put on a page with a mat to hold them in place. Unlike most of today’s digital albums, which are designed on a computer and often printed on paper like a magazine, this style of book uses actual photographic prints.

Traditional wedding albums were made by dozens of companies when I got into the business in 1984. For over 25 years we put these albums together for our customers in our studio. Hundreds of families have our albums in their homes as a reminder of their special day. White and brown were the colors of the day, then, as tastes changed,  it went to gray and burgundy and blue was even available for a few years. Then, in the late 90s black became the color of choice.  Now black albums and white albums the two colors available and only one company offer them.

Replace your old and tattered album with a beautiful new one. 

If you have an old album that you want restored to bring it into our studio and we can give you estimate of what it will cost to take the old photos out and put them in the new album. of if you just bring us your prints, in the order you want them in the album, we put the album together for the prices listed below.



Cover Styles for Traditional Wedding Albums

black traditional wedding album
white traditional wedding album
black traditional wedding album
traditional wedding album white


10×10 inch albums to hold up to 8×10 inch prints.

sold as the base album with 5 pages for $199.95
(5 pages, 10 sides)
(each side holds 1-8×10, 2-5x7s, or 4-4x5s or 5x5s)

each additional page (2 sides) is $10.95

Prices are for album only, prints are additional.
We include album assembly in the above prices. Your album will be complete when you pick it up.

If you want to add a traditional album to your wedding photo packages, 
the above prices will apply, prints that go into the album are included.