In the past, and still to a great extent today, a funeral is that is seen as sad, not to be remembered with photos or video, but more and more now people are referring to these as celebrations of life. Looking back on their loved one’s life and seeing it as a life well lived. To remember the good time with your parents and grandparents is whey we gather together to say our goodbyes.

I have done many funeral videos and we videotaped my mothers a few years ago. Watching it again I see the stories that we told and remember her life. Being a videographer I come away from these celebrations feeling I knew the person. I remember the first one I did in Exeter many years ago. The man was a horse packer in the backcountry of the Sierras. I had backpacked all over the Sierra when he was packaging into Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks. As I videotaped his celebration of life, with his family and close friends reliving the memories they had of him and the horses, I wondered if I ever ran into him in years past. Did I hike on a trail where he passed me with a string of horses somewhere above timberline?

Each service I do I realize how important saying goodbye is for the living. I just got finished with a Catholic Rosary and Mass, and after all the stories at the Rosery, I came away knowing the departed a little. he was honest, hardworking and loved a bowl of ice cream at Superior Dairy in Hanford.

I am always respectful of the services being performed. This is not a time to be the videographer that walks all over the place just to get the shot. It requires a manner of decorum and dress that befits the occasion.

I enjoy working with families at this time in their lives. recording an event for them, and realizing that some people, who were not able to be at the service can view these services and say their goodbyes through my camera lens. I am honored to do this for the families.