This is the start of a project that I have been thinking about for long time. The history of Visalia’s professional photography community up until the year 2000. I selected that arbitrarily because this is history for one thing and the year 2000 was somewhat the line between film and digital shooters. I wanted to keep this about film for the most part. It may expand as I get going with it. Now, as I write this, February 2021, I will start by collecting info for the project.

What I want is lists of professional photographers, processing labs that were located in Visalia, and camera stores that had a professional cliental. I am not so much interested in video and any film making at this time.

Professional Photographers:

Both studios and freelancers working from their home who were doing professional work. Weddings, journalism, commercial and advertising, sports, and volume work.

Roy Dressel Photography (hay, I know more about this guy than anyone else)
Began business: January 1984 working from home in Farmersville
January 1995 Opened my first studio in the Times Place Building with Kim Wescott
March 1996 Moved into the upstares studio at 115 W. Main St. again with Kim Wescott, Kim moved out in the summer of 1997.

Kim Wescott Photography
began working out of her home in?
January 1995 Moved into the Times Place Studio with Roy
January 1996 Moved into the 115 W. Main Studio, Roy moved in the same location in March of 96
Summer 1997- Moved out and moved several times in the next 23 years.

Photography by TMC
Terry McCraw
Began Business:
Passed away December 2018 Studio at 111 W. Main St.

Bruce Maynard Photography
Began Business 1987
Studio in the Times Place Building in Downtown Visalia: 1987-1989
Studio 111. W. Main St. 1990-1993
This was the same location that Mikes’s cameras was in in the 80s and as Photography by TMC occupied for many years in the late 90s and until 2018 when he passed away.

Visual Image Studio Doyle Nelms

Alberts Studio

Photos by Gerald Gerald Bowling

Wards Studio
Sold to Merlyn Philips about 1978

Dan Reagen
Had a studio with his wife, studio and flower shop.

Harry Wilcox
I think his studio was on Willis but not sure.

Camera Shops

Main Drug

Mikes Camera

Ken’s Cameras

Alberts Studio

Mccurry’s Camera
Visalia Mall, early 80s

JCPenney Camer Dept.

Processing labs

Alberts Studio

Valley Color Lab