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We’re your local church directory photographer. We know that in the past, church directories have been done by large, out of the area companies, with no local ties. They came into town, set up, did the photography, and moved on. You used them because that was what you had done for years. Checking around,  you found that most local photographers don’t know the business. 

We know how to do a church directory

   At Roy Dressel Photography, we know the business; we know its different than doing weddings or single-family portraits on the weekends. There is a process when doing a church directory. From providing posters to hang up at church to booking appointments. Then showing the pictures to families so they can make their selections (without any high-pressure sales tactics). If you’re doing a printed directory, there is the putting together of the book (yes, we do that also). If you’re doing an online directory, it’s delivering organized and easy to find digital files to post to the site. 

We have an incentive to do a better job

      Being a local church directory photographer means, we have deep roots in the community. We have been in business since 1984, and in the same downtown Visalia studio since 1996.  In 2011, I married my wife, Javonna, and moved to Fresno but kept the studio in Visalia. So, no matter if you’re in Tulare, Exeter, Kingsburg, or Fresno, we’re close to you. If there is a question or an issue, we are right here to take care of it quickly. Being local; there’s an incentive to do a great job when you’re likely to see me at the grocery store next week. (or nowadays, waiting in line to get into that grocery store) 

     So if this all sounds good, give us a call or email us. We’ll get back to you right away. 

     Are you worried about doing a directory in these challenging times of social distancing? Read our blog post about doing church directories during COVID-19?