Wedding turn around times

When couples are looking for the best wedding photographer to capture their day, they often don’t think about how long it will take that photographer or videographer to deliver their product. Be it digital images, prints, wedding albums, or their edited video. Of course, that becomes a much bigger deal after the wedding day is over, and the couple has been waiting weeks, if not months, to see their photos and video.

Why is it that some wedding photographers take so long in delivering their files?

I have a few ideas.

#1. Overshooting the wedding. Taking thousands of images of the day, often to compensate for the fact that the photographer doesn’t know what they are doing. They are shooting burst mode and taking a hundred photos of the bride coming down the aisle so they can get that one image. Or bracketing every shot because they are not sure of getting the correct exposure. Other things like not cropping in-camera, exposure errors, or not knowing how to use flash to fill in the shadows. Correcting these mistakes in Photoshop takes time, especially when you have 3000 images to go through. Then, if you have another wedding the next weekend, there are another 3000 images to go through.

#2. Photography is a sideline. I’m not judging here, I worked at the business part-time for several years before I went full time, but you have to be dedicated to it. You need to treat it like a business because no matter how much fun and creative wedding photography and video are, it is a business, and you need to treat it so. People are paying you good money to do what you do.

#3. Unorganized workflow. I always felt I was kind of lucky. When I started in the wedding business, I knew that I needed to be organized to deliver my photos to my clients on time and still have a life. No matter if it’s fast food or wedding photography, any business has to have systems to get the job done. If you regard wedding photography as just a fun endeavor and don’t take it seriously, then you are in trouble from the start, and so are your clients.

Deliver time frames at Roy Dressel Photography

Digital files: You will see your digital files in three weeks from the date of the wedding. We will post low-resolution files to the cloud and provide you with full-resolution files that you can make your own prints from on a USB stick. If the package you selected has a press book or wedding album, we will send you a PDF order form for those books.

Wedding albums and books: Two weeks after we receive your book/album orders, we will send you a link to the book’s layout for approval. Once we get the go-ahead, we will send it to our professional lab; three weeks later you will have your book/album.

Prints: Same day (depending on workload) to two weeks. We produce our own prints in-house for sizes 13×19 or smaller. Sometimes we can make your print the same day you order it, but normally it’s a three-day turnaround. Larger prints, canvas wraps, and metal prints are outsourced to our professional lab and can take anywhere from one to two weeks. We will always let you know when it will be ready when you place your order. By the way, our in-house prints are processed on a canon professional inkjet printer using archival inks.

Videos: Editing your wedding video takes four weeks from the date of the wedding.

So there you have it, our turn around. Does your photographer give you those turn around times?