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youth sports and the Corona virus

     Don’t look now, but the backstop for the youth sports baseball field just got moved six feet back.  That idea just came to my mind as a description of the social distancing measures that we have been going through for the last few weeks.

We know that for you, it has come to pass that spring youth sports have been canceled. All that time and effort that went into organizing schedules, getting uniforms, signing players up, has gone for nothing As we go forward this year, how will it be for youth sports? Nobody knows, but if sports are played this year, the word will be safe. Can the kids play safely and for us, can we take photos safely?

Here is what we are doing to help make this safe for all. Following the protocols of the CDC. 

The Virtual Team Photo

We know that the most important thing is keeping your players safe. You may be thinking, how can we take those team photos during this time of social distancing?

#1 We like to say, its the no group photo group photo. The Virtual Team Photo. No grouping of the players together for the traditional team shot. We take two photos of each player, one in a pose for the individual shot, then one with them standing straight ahead. This straight ahead pose is used to produce a virtual group photograph in photoshop. Not only are they able to practice social distancing, but doing it this way offers many other advantages that we go into in more detail on our blog at www.roydresselphoto.com/blog

#2. Having players use their own equipment, and disinfecting anything that more then one player handles. This year we will be posing players with their mitts instead of a bat that gets passed around. We will have them pose so they will not need to touch the football, or soccer ball and ensure we have disinfectant for everyone to use.

Face masks and disinfectant


#3. Disinfecting anything that get touched, like pens clipboards.

#4. We will be wearing face masks and ask that others do the same when practical.

#5. The photographer (that would be me) will be staying at least six feet away from players and coaches.

#6. Our sales table will be set up so that the interaction between the person operating the table and parents will be at least six feet from each other, and that parents who wish to make their purchase with a card will swipe their own card. We will also be offering online payments both before and after photo day.

#7. We will have plenty of hand sanitizer available.

Things will be different in the work of youth sports for a while, that’s for sure and we’ll be there to record that part of their lives for family memories that somehow seem that much more important now.

Be safe my friends and we hope to be taking your photo-real soon.

If your a podcast listener and want a good podcast, check out this one from the Aspen Institue titled Coronavirus and Youth Sports, 

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Virtual team Photos soccer